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請幫我講上述內容翻譯成英文 感激不盡

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    For commonly used incandescent light bulbs, halogen bulbs, energy saving light bulbs and LED bulbs to introduce. Common Specifications 100 Watts family to compare the brightness of the bulb (4) the average selling price, power consumption and life expectancy. Lights eight hours to one day, one month 30 days the lamp power consumption, and according to Taipower 2011 households used electricity, the average of about 2.76 yuan a kWh of electricity operator, LED bulbs most power, but the price of the most expensive Although 4 bulb brightness with, but there are still poor vision, the brightest of energy saving light bulbs.

    An LED bulb life of 32,500 hours on average, the lights terms of 1 day 8 hours, about 11 years is available to compare the other three models 11 years bulb replacement costs and the total number of pieces of electricity and found the most expensive LED bulbs, but long life, energy saving, in fact, the most cost-effective.




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