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1. 請知悉我們還可以再放入6pcs的itemA以達滿櫃,如上次 出貨 / 出PO 1546 的數量, 請告知是否調整訂單數量

2.很抱歉告知您, 我們無法將PO111的itemB提前跟PO000一起出貨, 由於布料尚須確認且無法在年前送到工廠



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    1. You are hereby notified that we will be able to add 6 more pieces of item A to fill one container completely. As the last shipment (PO) was for 1546 pieces, would you like to adjust this PO to include 6 more pieces.

    2. We are sorry to inform you that we will be unable to ship item B of PO111 ahead in order for it to be shipped together with PO0000. This is due to the fact that we cannot guarantee the fabrics will be delivered to the factory before end of the year.

    3. At present we are not certain if shipping will take place before end of the year. We will inform you after we are sure of the delivery date of the fabrics. We will keep track of it and keep you informed.

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    1.請知悉我們還可以再放入6pcs的itemA以達滿櫃,如上次 出貨 / 出PO 1546 的數量, 請告知是否調整訂單數量

    Pls be informed, we could add 6pcs item A to full of this container. The number would be as same as last time, we shipped out PO 1546. Pls advise, if you need to adjust volume.

    2.很抱歉告知您, 我們無法將PO111的itemB提前跟PO000一起出貨, 由於布料尚須確認且無法在年前送到工廠

    Sorry to notice you, we couldn’t move up the readiness date for item B to go with PO000. This is due to fabric is still under checked and it would not be delivery to our factory before the end of this year.


    At this moment, we are not sure if we could ship out cargo before the end of this year. After fabric has been checked, we will advise you the readiness date. We will keep you updated all status.

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