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20點!!!請求中翻英高手!!!(姊妹The help評論)






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  • 旻安
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    6 年前

    Through the white women write the story of the blacks, domestic, render the background of the black civil rights movement in the 60 's, when the eneral situation of black women in the South. White, black, two clever catch; Shi Jite is a go-between role in white society, must socialize with tacky sisters Amoy. Sympathized with the black experience, but also limited to unfair discrimination is surfaces and want to write with their own ambitions to make selfish; Ai Biling, like many other black maids, generations as a maid in the House, out of life decisions. Although there were a number of complaints and grievances, and ideas can only endure, not to speak of the right, up in prayer to God about it.

    Theme is more serious, in addition to upper and lower segments of white women and black women in the age of contrasting relationships and life, tragic stories of several different main personalities of black maids, but also with some humorous bridge to ease the sense of heaviness, like Shi Jite confident reckless reckless personality, whether an interview or on a blind date, has a surprising performance. Black maids little actual rebellion, but the owner about everything, the maid met when gossip is very exciting. There is also crazy, daring, hostess greatly eat turtles, becoming a laughing stock.

    Serious racial subject matter, with two different women in black and white, to render the situation of 1960 's black maid. Absorbing two communities on this film's attention, as well as appropriate use of some funny scenes, not bitterness, improving the acceptance of a general audience.

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    4 年前




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