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可樂果 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 6 年前

crushing on some cheese ball意思



crushing on some cheese ball 的中文意思?




再請問,pass-around patty是甚麼意思?thx

3 個解答

  • 6 年前

    "cheese ball"是形容某人重複的說或表現一些傻,愚蠢或老土的行為.

    crush on = 暗戀

    crushing on some cheese ball = 暗戀某個老土 (傻呼呼樣的人)

    2013-12-09 12:58:52 補充:

    savor! This is just common knowledge, if you read enough of English written articles (books, magazines, newspaper…), you will learn it on your own.

    2013-12-11 12:15:08 補充:

    "pass around" means "offer something to each person in a group" (提供東西給在組內的每個人).

    "pass-around patty" has implied meaning of "a female slept around, or has the intentions to or will sleep around within a group." (到處跟人睡覺 or 與很多人發生性關係)

    2013-12-11 13:08:00 補充:

    It indicates "female", because of "Patty" (a female name).

    2013-12-11 23:46:46 補充:

    Your take of "patty" without capitalizing "P" is another way to look at it. After all, in my opinion, it is one word with TWO different meanings. One implies the other. Other names, as you have listed, don't have the meaning of "piece of meat".

    2013-12-11 23:48:11 補充:

    On the other hand, this phrase, I have seldom seen people use "Patty", but just "patty". Therefore, the intention of using "patty" is very clear.

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  • 6 年前


    It is strongly advised that you take those well-intentioned, yet somewhat misleading, and potentially life-altering words of encouragement with a grain of salt.

    2013-12-11 16:40:31 補充:

    The ability to cut the cheese like DSG does requires much more than reading a few books; it is a God-given gift one can only be born with, and therefore not obtainable by those born without.

    2013-12-11 16:40:39 補充:

    As simpletons of the world, we can only admire from afar and appreciate it like fine art. Take it from someone who had tried and failed: the idea of someday cutting the cheese alongside DSG is, to say the least, impossibly ambitious.

    2013-12-11 17:02:25 補充:

    原來 patty 的用意是表達句中說的是女生! 因為沒有人說 (pass-around )mary, jane, helen....而只用(沒有大寫的) patty. 我還以為 patty 是 a piece of meat 的意思呢! 感謝DSG熱心的額外講解,改正了我多年來錯誤的理解!

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  • 6 年前


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