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I need your ideas mywriting

please give me ideas write in sentence,i need to write 500 words, please help me to write introduction(thesis statement),main point,conclusion...please help thanks

1. Compare and Contrast the way and times in which you were raised to that of children today. Do you think that your parent’s were more strict or concerned than today’s parents? Do you think that kids today expect too much? Provide specific examples as to how kids today are being raised similar and different than you.

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    6 年前

    1. Children are much more spoiled nowadays as their parents indulged them with a lot of goodies. In the older days, we had limited financial resources to buy the things we desire.

    2. Parents are more strict in one sense as far as academic performance is concerned. They will put their children in all kinds of tutoring classes in order for them to get higher scores. Sometimes it might be too much for the children which left them no time for leisure. On the other hand, I think the parents nowadays are more lenient towards their children when it comes to money. They will buy whatever the children wants and equipped them with a lot of modern consumer electronics.

    3. In another way, the parents no longer advocate the "beating policy" when their children don't behave. They will talk to their children more patiently to solve their issues.

    4. Sometimes I think the children are too spoiled in rich families since they have a servant. The servant will do all of the housework and the children have no idea of how to do simple cooking or the like.

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