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The three most important things in my life.





不要回我「每一個人的喜好不同, 你自己要寫出來, 寫得唔好, 人哋可幫你更正。」!

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    There are many important things in my life, but I will only list the most important three as follows:Firstly, I think education is very vital in the course of my life. Gaining good education will pave me onto the road of success. With the imbuement of knowledge from schools, I can acquire essential information about multiple subjects to a very large extent. Moreover, the extra-curricular activities I am participating in schools will keep me healthy both physically and mentally. I also have to interact with various people which helps me to develop my inter-personal skills tremendously. Furthermore, school is a place that teachers will teach us the proper ethical standards. All of the aforementioned will definitely help me to achieve the ultimate goal which is to find a nice job in the future. The job will assist me to contribute back to the society.Secondly, I think maintaining a good relationship with the family members is another important ingredient of my life. I want to be a person of good moral standards and be respectful to my parents. My parents had devoted their full efforts to bring me up, so I will respect them and help them out as much as I could when they get old. Thirdly, I think developing some good habits can embellish my life too. I want to read more beneficial books to broaden my horizon and be aware of what’s happening around the world.

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    Tina, 你也應該對大家有禮貌一點吧...

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    每一個人的喜好不同, 你自己要寫出來, 寫得唔好, 人哋可幫你更正。