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  • 6 年前

    A more precise translation shall be

    domed stadium

    Taiwan uses "巨蛋" shall be originated from Japan's Tokyo Dome. It was called Big Entertainment and Gold Game; where "Big Entertainment and Gold Game" can be abbreviated as "BIG EGG". However, Taiwan officially names 小巨蛋 as "Taipei Arena", not "Taipei Dome". After all, to me, "arena" sounds more elegant than "dome". However, 東京巨蛋's official name is "Tokyo Dome".

    Nevertheless, in US, those 巨蛋s are named as "xxx dome", for example:

    Seattle: Kingdome

    Houston: Astrodome


    Hopefully, this will give you a rough idea why we call "巨蛋" and how we name it in English.

    2013-12-15 23:27:59 補充:

    The other day, I heard KaoHsiung Mayor 陳菊 used Taiwanese to say "巨蛋" as "大粒卵", I think she must have learned this "big egg" from Japanese :-) …

    2013-12-15 23:30:22 補充:

    I was LOL, what a nice entertainment Mayor Chen has provided!

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  • 6 年前

    Taipei Arena

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