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Thank you prisoner26535, DaSaGwa,Cookie, jose, Francine

I'm really appreciate your help!

I didn't expect to learn so many words, let's see...we got:

sleeping cell





and the bad guy--heckler

I've google all these words, but there is still one question:

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I cannot find the use of sleeping cell on Google

Is this phrase a slang one?

Because all I can find is "sleeper cell", which usually means secret agents assigned to another culture and later commit terrorism act. = =

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    Yes, there is - Sleeping Cells are commonly used for "the inactive agent who will only turn active on certain triggers."


    He has been a sleeping cell for his native country for 20 years.

    About 119 sleeping cells turned active right before 911.

    2013-12-17 01:28:05 補充:

    Also, if it is NOT so sleepy (or low secrecy) then you may just use cells or agents to indicate those who will act on "obvious" predefined protocols.

    2013-12-17 03:53:52 補充:

    Yes, it take a plant (melon) to remember the word "plant".

    Indeed, it is a great word to use for both occasions (show delivery and intelligence.)

    2013-12-17 04:13:06 補充:

    Melon dude - your "plant", in my opinion, is better than "cell". Could you post it as an answer so that I can pull mine? Thanks!

    2013-12-17 06:59:59 補充:

    Yes, I am too much into the militia for sure - I think I need to behave like a gentlelady otherwise, few would dare to marry me.

    2013-12-17 07:53:43 補充:

    I learned something new today. May I die now?

    But before that, my offering for the other extreme - a bad guy.

    "heckler" the person who interrupts speech or performance.

    Now we have learned these 4 vocabs (in time of appearances):

    cell, plant, claque, and heckler.

    2013-12-17 07:55:38 補充:

    Wahaha, this is much more fun than poking at a bad buy.

    2013-12-17 09:44:48 補充:

    Then, the question is that "how do we facilitate it and make it happen?"

    2013-12-17 12:10:16 補充:

    Hey, no larry, moe, and curly allowed here. Only melon, cookie, and pineapple are for sale.

    2013-12-17 12:34:29 補充:

    My bad, my bad indeed - we joked and teased sleepers who got paid for years without doing much by calling them sleeping. Yes, the right term should have been sleeper cells.

    2013-12-17 12:41:56 補充:

    Sorry, to Francine, I was joking about the "stooge" as in "3 stooges" (Larry, moe, and Curly) - they usually are silly entertainers (aka clowns). However, even if stooge is not what the poster asked for, it is certainly worthwhile to learn.

    2013-12-17 12:46:32 補充:

    So, to add to our vocab list:

    Shill - praiser for hire;

    Stooge - funny dude.

    Man, my brain is full today!

    2013-12-17 12:51:21 補充:

    > which usually means secret agents assigned to another culture and later commit terrorism act.

    I don't think "assigned to another culture" and "terrorism act" parts are correct.

    Sleepers are usually very familiar with the culture and mostly a native person.

    2013-12-17 12:54:29 補充:

    Otherwise, he will not be able to sleep well for too long, will he?

    Also, the action may not be terrorism act - as matter of fact, "intel" is more valuable than anything else.

    2013-12-17 13:43:54 補充:

    WRT what melon proposed, I think otherwise. I like the twitter model. Any one could establish her own forum collecting followers. Followers and followees form a forum where active members of it can vote, post question as well as answers.

    the problem is "what is an active member?"

    2013-12-17 13:46:05 補充:

    I am sure we have a lot of plants, some stooges, and one heckler, me.

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  • 7 年前

    silents nife

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  • 7 年前


    I'm really appreciate your help! == > I really appreciate your help!


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  • 7 年前

    Besides sleeping cell and plant, "shill" and "stooge" can be options as well.

    2013-12-17 12:33:48 補充:

    Uhh... how can that be...? I found the source as follows:

    I supposed they are acceptable here... Sure, taking those kind of people as crowns is on the wrong track. But AP, could you tell me why? I want to figure this out.

    2013-12-17 13:11:16 補充:

    Oh! I get it now.

    Btw, hope it won't be annoying because of my many whys. Thanks, AP.

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  • jose
    Lv 6
    7 年前

    I can't help throwing this in for you guys to think about. It may be the appropriate word for the condition given in the question. You will be the judge.

    Claque n.

    1. A group of persons hired to applaud at a performance.

    2. A group of fawning admirers.


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  • Kookie
    Lv 5
    7 年前

    Plant is a more suitable word for such occasion. Still, I don't see the need for Prisoner to delete your sleepiing (or dormant) cell for the benefit of learning two phrases at the same time and distinguishing the difference.

    2013-12-17 06:14:25 補充:

    From Google Book, "The Magician's Assistant."

    "Now, when you take someone you don't know from the audience, everyone suspects they're a plant, that person must be in on the trick,..."

    Obviously, to put a plant in the audience is common practice in show business.

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  • 7 年前

    You can also use "plant," for example:

    He is a plant of the CIA in the autocratic government.

    2013-12-17 06:08:14 補充:

    Master AP! It really doesn't matter who gets better (or the best, we only have TWO answers now, "better" probably is the right way to say it) answer. We all here to help people and at the same time, we (at least myself) can learn something new from others.

    2013-12-17 06:09:58 補充:

    Besides, your answer is also correct! After all, using "plant" or "cell" really depends upon the real situation. You probably got influenced by US news reports :-) …

    2013-12-17 09:33:47 補充:

    This ought to be the way and the attitude people shall have in Yk+. Learn something new is real, everything else is just illusion.

    2013-12-17 10:21:30 補充:

    In my opinion, the first step is to strip away all the title and status, then create a teaching circle that is nominated and voted by users in YK+, and only active users in the designated forum can nominate and vote.

    2013-12-17 10:25:32 補充:

    Members in the teaching circle can only serve 2 1-year term continuously and can be removed by users. After skip a year, one can be re-nominated.

    To me, this useless title is really causing some fame seekers to abuse this good-intended forum.

    2013-12-17 13:37:28 補充:

    Are you guys sure there is NO cell, plant, clague, heckler … among us? :-) …

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