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1.James Franco 詹姆士 弗蘭科(演過蜘蛛人,奧茲大帝)

2.Seth Rogen 賽斯 羅根

3.Robert Pattinson 罗伯特·帕丁森

4.Kristen Stewart 克莉絲汀 史都華

5.Cameron Diaz 卡麥蓉狄亞

6.Ashton Kutcher 艾希頓庫奇




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    Top 10 Talent Agencies in L.A.

    Agency for the Performing Arts (APA): These cats are recognized for their stable of sought-after comedians and their metal division, which includes Judas Priest and Poison. Creative Artists Agency (CAA): The most prestigious agencies, like CAA, negotiate the highest-profile roles for the most bank. If you're not in Us Weekly this week and you haven't won an Oscar in the past few years, best start at a humbler agency and work your way up. Diverse Talent Group: These primetime bookers negotiate TV talent for a gamut of shows, while also dealing with lesser-known actors, and models. The Gersh Agency: The Gersh Agency, dubbed Gersh or simply TGA, is the only mega-successful family-run agency. They fast-forward young actors' careers, while also taking care of the older clients that are in it for the long haul. International Creative Management (ICM): This agency has a great reputation for selling foreign films and television shows, and is known for a galvanizing comedy division. ICM's talent roster is on par with that of CAA and WME. Osbrink Agency: This is a tight-knit, smaller agency that specializes in child actors. It was created by a former stage mom, Cindy Osbrink. Today it represents the most bankable tweens, who appear a range of projects, from controversial Sundance films to hit TV series. Paradigm: This agency emphasizes representation with a familial feel, operating out of swank Beverly Hills headquarters where indie film stars flock. United Talent Agency (UTA): In addtiona to a plum group of actors, UTA represents today's hottest innovative young filmmakers. Industry folk turn to UTA for the latest directors on the rise.

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    WME Entertainment: In 2009 Endeavor announced its merger with the William Morris Agency, thus creating the largest talent agency in the world, now known as WME Entertainment. With a client roster that includes Clint Eastwood, John Travolta, and the Rolling Stones, household names need only apply.

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