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請不要用翻譯軟體幫我翻譯 .. 謝謝 贈送20點



  因此,我們秉持的學習的態度,來試著去探討這個未來的趨勢!然而,為考慮一般農民不懂得資料庫系統但想建置一個簡單的電子商務模塊,在有CGI通路為前提或希望降低服務器負擔而提出採用跨平台撰寫的JavaScript多語系及購物車機制以完成購買產品並結帳。因此,電子交易系統以不須建置資料庫的方式建置網站(No Access required)!而是利用Perl撰寫CGI程式直接將訂單寫出為EXCEL之CSV檔案,配合FrontPage來製作出一具有會員機制之購物出網站,則是利用PHP和MySQL會員機制的撰寫運作(Database required)也是我們這次專題網站加入比較二種資料傳遞方式對伺服器服務性能之學習的方向。

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    Due to a temporary need to add English summaries will be notified, since the due date is coming up again. Thus became very urgent. Please everyone help translationPlease do not use translation software to help me to translate ... Thank you bonus 20 points

    Go out shopping to crowded and wardrobe forever less a piece of clothing for women who want to take out in order to grab a bargain. These days, I don't have such a problem, and haunted, so with the popularity of the Internet and the contemporary changes in consumer habits, e-commerce has become the shopping patterns of consumers and businesses in one of the hottest topics.

      Due to the rapid development of the Internet and the rapid growth, and the omnipresent features, plus WWW technology played a part, makes the Internet become the largest in modern information communication network and marketing media. In the foreseeable future, cyberspace (Cyberspace) is bound to develop into a 21st century's largest shopping malls.

      Therefore, we uphold the attitude of learning, to try to explore the future trends! However, to take account of database system for most farmers do not know how, but want to build a simple e-commerce module, premised on the CGI path or you want to reduce the burden of server which uses the cross-platform JavaScript written by multilingual and to complete the purchase and checkout shopping cart mechanism. Therefore, electronic trading system does not have to create a database to build a site (No Access required)! But to use the Perl CGI programs written directly to the order write to EXCEL CSV files, coupled with FrontPage to make out a member institution of the shopping website, been written using PHP and MySQL membership system of operations (Database required) our website to join the comparison of two kinds of data transfer on the performance of the Server service.

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