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酸橘子 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 6 年前






「我們彬彬君子的ABC 被DEF一下就唬住! DEF很喜歡開玩笑,大猴嚇雞,ABC要頂住啊!」

5 個解答

  • 6 年前

    哈哈哈! 例句是我寫的啦!

    DSG 是明白人,解釋得好。

    「大猴嚇雞」 可以當動詞,可以當形容詞,甚至可以當動名詞。 意思是 bluff, bluffing。

    動畫片 Monster University 裡面那些 misfit monsters 裝模作樣去嚇小孩,都是 「大猴嚇雞」,虛張聲勢,唬人的啦!

    2013-12-19 00:23:18 補充:

    Jim, 你應聽過諧音的 「大頭嚇雞」吧?

    2013-12-19 00:53:42 補充:

    我是說 once in a blue moon, Master DSG 解釋得很好。 AP 唬他一句還不到 「非常」 的程度 「吧」,DSG 馬上很客氣地要把 very 收回去。 我開 DSG 玩笑,要他頂著,別被大猴嚇住了,他是對的!

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  • 6 年前

    I, Panda, have never heard of the expression either; but then again, I aint no Taiwanese expert; as a matter of fact, I always sound like an alien when I converse in Taiwanese, and my parents are full fledged Taiwanese.

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  • 6 年前

    I am a full blooded Taiwanese but I've never heard of this expression. Thanks for sharing.

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  • 6 年前


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  • 6 年前

    Yes, it is Taiwanese idiom.

    "大猴嚇雞,無嚇會著災" 虛張大猴子的模樣來嚇唬雞. 用來比喻虛張 聲勢,裝腔作勢.

    another way to say it is "土猴唬雞".

    The equilibrium English phrase is: All bark and no bite.

    2013-12-18 14:06:47 補充:

    "著災" means 雞瘟

    2013-12-18 14:12:11 補充:

    In that situation (I means, what Master LionEnglish meant), I think it shall be "表示說話者(DEF)沒有「能力」去傷害聽話者(ABC)"

    2013-12-18 14:30:31 補充:

    equilibrium ==> equivalent

    Once I think in Taiwanese, my English seems to take a free fall.

    2013-12-18 14:50:24 補充:

    無嚇會著災 = 如果雞沒有被嚇到, 也會得到雞瘟.

    2013-12-19 00:34:38 補充:

    Master LionEnglish! Finally, you came out. After all, it was you who used this phrase. Exactly what you meant is better you elaborate it yourself. I can ONLY guess what you tried to tell me in that question.

    2013-12-19 04:09:47 補充:

    I thought you referred to master AP's saying about picking the sweet orange and lemon :-) …

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