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Take care of 'n' Look after

How to differentiate both "take care of" and "look after" meaning?


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    The hospital takes care of the patients very well. 這家醫院將病患照顧得很好。

    = The hospital looks after the patients very well.

    Who's going to take care of the extra workload? 多出來的工作量要誰來照料?用look after 亦可

    Do you want me to look after your car? 需要我照顧你的車子嗎?用 take care of 亦可

    look after 可以是 (遺傳親屬間的) 像。 這裏不可用 take care of

    Terry looks after his mother, not his dad. Terry 長得比較像媽媽,而不是爸爸。

    2013-12-18 22:31:38 補充:

    take care of 有時暗指把某人處理掉(殺掉)或者盯緊某人讓他難以正常運作 (譬如打球看緊對手)。這類情況,不能用 look after 取代。

    還有,給小費 I'll take care of the doorman. 這裏也不可用 look after

    2013-12-20 03:15:20 補充:

    純粹就 "照顧" 而言,兩個片語相等。並沒有正式或認真程度的差別。

    它們的差別在延伸意思,如前面的例子,以及DaSaGwa 這裏所說 take care of -- 主要是修理(電腦)或安排修理/賠償等相關事宜,也是一種『照顧』。

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    那麼take care of 'n' look after 哪一個比較正式..就是用於比較認真的照顧?有這種區分嗎?

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    Let me provide another situation that you cannot replace with "look after":

    This customer has a problem concerning the new computer. Could you please take care of them.