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Please motivate me.

I am a student who just graduated from a college in the United States. After that, I feel nothing. I do not want to find a job at all. I do not know why. I just faced a relationship failure before I graduated. My scores were very good, although I felt sad.

I missed the guy who could not give me a relationship so much. But I forced myself not to connect him, because we were not suitable to each other. I should find an OPT now, but everytime I opened the computer, I did nothing but fooling around. I wished somebody could make me change.Please feel free to motivate me! Thank you!


Thank you LionEnglish! Your encouragement is very wonderful. You are a good mentor. I wish I can put it in my mind and start to do the things I should do.

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Thank you prisoner26535! I like hot guys, but there were many bad things happening in the army of every country. There were some women even facing their supervisors want them to provide sexual services. Thank you for cheering me up. I really appreciate your resolution! I like hot guys, sometimes!

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Thank you Patrick for your reply. I am not familiar with the US Army qualification, too.

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Thank you Patrick for giving me such a detail answer. I know you are making me believe there are happiness in the future. I will try to move on and don't miss the deadlines. I hope your friend can be happy again. I really hope one day I can become a very optimistic and active person!

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  • 6 年前

    Well, this isn't exactly a question, so it feels a little funny to put my response here

    in the answers section, but I guess it's more likely you'll see it here. I don't claim

    to know anything about how to fix your problems personally, but at least I can, as

    a recent college graduate myself, share my thoughts. Firstly, it's good to try and

    figure out where your problems are coming from. I know that I feel sad sometimes

    becuase I'm not sure if my career will ever satisfy me. Sometimes I feel like I'm

    wasting my time on something that I don't really care about, and that doesn't

    really provide value to others. Maybe part of your sadness is due to the fact that

    you majored in something in college that you're not passionate about. Maybe it

    stems from this sort of nagging feeling of life passing you by as you waste time

    without direction. Of course, maybe your sadness is mainly due to your

    relationship problems. I know I can't help you there, because I tried to console a

    friend whose heart was broken. That happened three years ago, and she still

    isn't the same as when I knew her. The inside of another person's head is really

    like a different universe. We all have hopes and fears and emotions governed

    by natural laws as innate and unalterable as the laws of gravity. My only advice to

    you is to carry on. Life may suck now, but what if it doesn't in the future? If you

    ruin it now by making irreversible mistakes, it'll never be possible to know

    happiness. The effort that is truly valuable is that that you put in when putting in

    effort is the hardest. Good luck!

    2013-12-18 08:04:00 補充:

    haha, 祇有公民有參軍資格吧, but otherwise, it's an excellent plan.

    2013-12-18 23:49:37 補充:

    @prisoner26535 ... I was just kidding, geez. I mean, I thought it was pretty

    clear that you were too. If you think it's so easy for an illegal alien to join the

    army, just try.

    參考資料: 自己
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  • 6 年前

    Forget OPT or finding a job. Join the US Army and be all you can be! And there are as many hot dudes as you could ever want.

    2013-12-18 09:13:05 補充:

    Nope, a lot of soldeiers are actually not even "documented".

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  • 6 年前

    就像我們開車,很多人物、房樹與我們交會,然後從車旁掠過。 妳知道他們的存在,但妳的視線還是在前方! 你的手和腳不會因為某個過客而離開方向盤和油門!

    FOCUS 在前方! 打履歷表、送出去。 打扮得美美的,去見陽光!

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