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**加拿大境內依親(PR)/ 旅遊簽證 延簽


我目前在加拿大。持加拿大工作觀光簽證 但明年的一月底到期。目前已跟認識12年的加拿大男友結婚。也準備申請境內依親( PR)

爬文 了解到PR時間 可能半年到1年多.才會拿到。 所以在申請PR的同時,也必須同時將目前工作觀光簽證轉成旅遊簽證,延簽(上網辦),才能合法在1月底之後 繼續停留。




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    The answer is no.

    In the application of immigrant visa, Canada is different from most countries as a person can't change from a non-immigrant to an immigrant in Canada.

    Your immigrant status, if approved, must be activated at a port of entry (known as landing). In this case, it does not matter if you stay or not, since you will have to leave for the visa, as well as landing.

    In this case, I will suggest that simply getting married, as well as getting all sponsorship application going with CIC. And you return to Taiwan to prepare your document for the application.

    Beside - as the system is designed differently, your chance for approval is kind of slim anyway.