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using examples write about your impression or opinion of the book.150字

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    Impression is that having seen the story book,you believe it actually is the case from reality ,what you think or believe on your opionion should be written down.

    Judgement of characters or ability shape your favourite opionion, belief or view,unless you seek second opionion from your TW teachers.

    Nobody knows who made up these old stories.They are part of family lifeTW. They are folk tales from Around the World;Oxford Progressive English Readers "Starter" as retold by Janice Tibbetts.OUP,2005.

    (1)The Pied Piper of Hamelin:-

    The story:-Rats were found in HamelinThey saw the Mayor.The silver pipe Pied Piper with magical music led the rats into River Weser. The door in the Mountain went into the Pied Piper,all the children,and the broken promise with the bad king.

    Hence promises are very important.

    (2)Rip Van Winkle:-

    The story:-HudsonRiver1609-1664 became English colony.The laziest man to be Rip Van Winkle who went to King's head Inn,invited by a stranger up the mountain to play a game of ninepins and the barrel of liquor.Later he waked up ,went home and found everything were different.The end of the story told us Strange things happened in the Catskill Mt when Hendrick Hudson and his sailors came back very 20 yrs wearing Dutch clothes,playing ninepins like sky thunder.Hence only Rip's daughter Judith and grandson recognised him.

    (3)The Boy Who Drew Dragons.

    The story:-The boy goes to temple draws dragons,leaves the temple,finds the screen and noises in the night by drawing his Brushed DragonsThe dragons kill the demon on the growing crops.The boy is a hero now because there are plenty of food again.

    Hence use your Chinese brush and draw the best.

    (4)Where do stories come from?

    The story:-When Manza didn't know any stories, she went to meet the Land of Magic people by telling them her village.King and Queen told gave her a string of shells when hold near your ear will hear your story."Once upon a time."

    Hence when asked to find some stories,all are inside this string of shells.

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    wow...very wonderful answer ^~^

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