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台灣大學以上的高等教育,除了老師平常的授課外,學生應該把在學校所學的知識當作基礎,再靠自已去延伸,學習的更深入,學生應該在學校培養自主學習的能力,未來在工作上才能獨當一面。而目前台灣的學生,都傾向於以追求分數為主,這會讓學生迷失方向,因為學生花時間在追求分數時,同時也失去了擴充其他技能的機會,這些技能也許才是工作所需要的。就如黑天鵝書中所提到的,We see the obvious and visible consequences, not the invisible and less obvious ones. Yet those unseen consequences can be more meaningful.,學生在學校學習到的、看到的,只有考試、分數,但我們沒有看到的是,我們花了時間在這些對工作不一定有幫助的事情上面,若我們把時間花在學習工作上真正需要的技能,也許會對學生更有幫助,更重要。

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    應該是這樣 Highly educated unemployed in Taiwan is the norm, cannot find a job a lot of masters or PhD while Taiwan entrepreneur talents are hard to find, in accordance with economic theory, both supply and demand, why not meet employment balance?Taiwan College of higher education, apart from teachers usually teach, and students should learn in school as a basis, and then extended by self, learn more, students should have been at school to cultivate students ' independent learning ability, future vision in their work. At present Taiwan students, tend to pursue scores, which was lost by students, because students spend their time in the pursuit of fractions, as well as lost opportunities to expand skills, those skills may be the needed to do the job. As mentioned in the book Black Swan, We see the obvious and visible consequences, not the invisible and less obvious ones. Yet those unseen consequences can be more meaningful., students at school to learn, see, only the exam, score, but we did not see is that we spend time in those things that may not help, if we put our time in learning real skills needed at work, may be more helpful to students, is even more important.

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    High study experience in taiwai is nomal,A lot of stone page doctor can't find job

    in the same time,Taiwai company lity people energy hard not serching,Follow ecomnic manerge speak.neither have suport and have need,why can't harizontal job.

    Taiwan school above of high school education,exam tacher often teaching ouside,Student should bass in shcool knowleage,spent myself to develop long,study

    deep,student shoud master study power,future work could along do a piece.but

    now Taiwai student important in score,Let student lost way,then stuent request

    score,same time lost extend other tectnical opptunity,So job is black qoose hand up We see the obivous and visible consequences,not the invisible and less obvious ones,Yet those unseen consequences can be more meaningful,

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