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1.What's Taipei like? 幫我翻譯這句話的意思


2.Which place would you like to visit again ?Why? 幫我翻譯這句話的意思


3.Which city do you most want to visit? 幫我翻譯這句話的意思


4.Why do you want to visit ________? 幫我翻譯這句話的意思


5.What would you like to do in ________? 幫我翻譯這句話的意思


6.Have you ever been to HONG KONG?幫我翻譯這句話的意思


7.If you have never been to HONG KONG,would you like to go there someday?Why or Why not?幫我翻譯這句話的意思


8.If you have ever been to HONG KONG,would you like to go there again ?Why or Why not?幫我翻譯這句話的意思


9.What famous places are there in Taipei?幫我翻譯這句話的意思


10.What food in your city is must-eat for tourists?幫我翻譯這句話的意思



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  • 7 年前

    Recite the Ten Model Answers:-

    (1) The political system has Ideology,Modernization, and a future. The Economy has the "Economic Miracle" and a model of development. The foreign and Military Policies has the United States;and Taiwan ties with International Organizations.

    (2)Tainan has good food,not expensive for tourists. Kaohsiung is 2nd largest city.Food includes the Chinese cuisine,snake's blood,dog and cat meat etc.

    (3)South Korea's Seoul city with a lot of spectacular scenery.

    (4)My Idol of Pop-singing Stars,super girls,Guang-Nam Style etc.

    (5)Follow the stars outside TV Stations and Theatres,Street shopping and window-shopping and spend a lot of money there.

    (6)No money now and nobody accompanied me!

    (7)Touring the city,visiting famous places,{Playing in spectacular scenery places.It's a shopping paradise as mentioned in HK Tourist Association,and HK Government.

    (8)Yes again.It's a good shopping paradise, and a good spectacular scenery places for visiting tourists.

    (9)Wooden Gate Zoo,Taipei 101 Skyscrapper Building,Railway Station,Taipei Underground St.East,

    (10)The Night Market must-eat for tourists=Cuisine from Taipei=Snake alley for blood to drink,served dog and cat meat;cuisine and snacks from nearby market areas of Taipei;a quick snack on smaller food,snacking on Chinese potatoes, snacking on Beef and/or pork slices-piece,fish-balls as advertised on television screens etc.

    Keep up your good work !

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