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捲毛 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 7 年前

英文信 請幫我翻譯跟回覆


Thanks for your response, First thing First i want to let you know

that Trust is business so its will be cool if we Trust each other in

starting of this business, Once again my Name his Mr. James Andrew.

I'm right now in CANADA for a purpose, I really need this particular

item for my SON schooling in (EMS SPEED POST OFFICE) as a birthday


Am ready to offer you the sum of NT$ 6,000.00 for this item (+) The

shipping cost through (EMS SPEED POST SERVICE) to my SON address


Name:- Frank Andrew.

Address:- 2020 Obafemi Awolowo Way

City :-Abeokuta

State :-Ogun State

Zip Code:-23403


I will be paying through Bank to Bank Transfer to your account, My

bank manager informed me that The Money Transfer will only take 24 to

72 hours to your account, If you wish to sell this item for me kindly

get back to me with your bank details as listed below.

Full Name

Bank Name

Account Number


Item Name

Awaiting your response.

Thanks and Regards.

James Andrew.

如題 我大致看得懂但有些不確定怕誤會了 麻煩你們了




內容我大概都看得懂 但是Item Name這句我不太瞭解他的意思

因為他是需要我的資料來匯款 但是他為什麼需要品項?? 還是我翻錯了

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謝謝大家為我解惑 這也一個經驗學習

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  • 7 年前

    Mr.James Andrew,

    EMS Sp. post office,


    British Columbia,


    Dear Mr. J.Andrew with trust,

    I am writing to reply for the EMS posting of the article advertised and claimed in your news of the mail.

    As you see from my enclosed Item listing, I am currently working in my trading firm. In addition to my selling duties,I am responsible for invoicing and chasing up late payments.As a potential customer,I must credit check on you.

    ---Pursuing to the point to point for futher Bank to Bank by distant Nigeria, I am particularly interested in your payment first as it would enable me to sending you the article EMS to your son as birthday present for accounting brought under control with my name,Bank A/C no.,Country,and Item Name(the article?) to avoid deceitful fraudulent, ie you obtain the article by fraudulent means without my getting the NTS 6,000 cheque !

    ---I would bring to the EMS post in Nigeria with trust to deal successfully and tacfully with my client Mr. James Andrew.

    Yours trully,


    2013-12-27 21:31:28 補充:

    A deceitful cheque in a fraudulent business deal after the article received ,as mentioned by Taiwan Beth and Jim ,should be noted !

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  • 捲毛
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    7 年前

    我瞭解了 感謝大家 差點就浪費我時間了

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  • 小寶
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    7 年前





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  • 7 年前


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  • Beth
    Lv 7
    7 年前

    正常來說, 根本不用提到信不信任的問題, 他特別一開始就提到 Trust. 反而有點引人疑竇. 把匯款帳號給他, 確定錢進了帳戶後再出貨吧. 就算他給你匯款水單, 還是可以撤銷的, 所以確定收到錢比較實在. 不過這封信從頭到尾沒提到他要買什麼.

    2013-12-28 05:26:07 補充:

    Item Name 是產品名稱沒錯.

    如果你真的想試試看, 除了很花時間, 收到錢再出貨其實也沒損失, 要注意的是像這樣的轉帳會透過不只一家銀行, 手續費會很高. 還有郵局的運費你也要仔細計算. 通常我會直接要求客戶負擔轉帳手續費.

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