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中翻英 麻煩不要用電子辭典 (急

因為要申請交換學生 所以時間很緊迫 >_<

麻煩不要用電子辭典 拜託 ~~~

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在交換學生計畫的一年裡,或許會碰到一些困難,以及需要克服的事情,但我相信只要肯努力,沒有什麼是做不到的!just do it!


今天就要翻譯完了 :((

很急 ...

希望有大大幫這個忙 >_

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  • 6 年前


    I plan, through this exchange student program, to learn more varieties of professions in 2 dimensional design, to elaborate on the different education methods (in 2D training) to further develop myself in 2D creativity.


    During this period, I will work hard to enrich my design skills by studying the designs from different countries, by looking into the design methodologies they employed. Seeing more and listening more are how I will open my scope.


    I also plan to take illustration classes to enrich my artistic sensations - in addition to design skills, drawing/sketching skills are critical for me to be competent with.

    在交換學生計畫的一年裡,或許會碰到一些困難,以及需要克服的事情,但我相信只要肯努力,沒有什麼是做不到的!just do it!

    There might be a lot of difficulties I will be facing in this year. Or be there many things that I need to overcome. Nonetheless, I believe that, if I have the will in it, I will be able to make it a productive year for myself. Yes, just do it!!!

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    My goal is to learn new and different graphic design lessons through this exchange program. Plus, I want to study alternate techniques among divergent countries. They will enable me to broaden my scope in this area.

    Then I plan to take a course in sketching thereby learn how various artistic approaches can be helpful in design concepts.

    I expect to encounter difficulties and hardships during the year of exchange visit. But I firmly believe if I persist I can accomplish my goals. I need just to go for it.

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  • 6 年前

    I hope by the exchange student program in graphic design so I can learn more is not the same profession, and to think in different countries taught graphic design on the way, so that their work in graphic design are further development.

    And during the exchange of the school, going to strive to enrich their knowledge of the design, see more design work in different countries, as well as trying to learn their design, look, listen, so that they can broaden their horizons.

    Then illustrator elective courses intended to make their own addition to the design and, in the art can also be exposed to many different painting techniques!

    In exchange student program year, probably will encounter some difficulties, as well as things that need to be overcome, but I believe that if you work hard, nothing is impossible! just do it!

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