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The world is far less a mystery than it was a century ago,but it still holds a few locations that baffle scientists and researchers. Early explorers spoke of mysterious mountains towering above South America’s jungle. Such stories inspired Arthur Conan Doyle to write The Lost World,a novel set in an isolated place still inhabited by dinosaurs. The dinosaurs were fiction…but the mountains are real.

The mountains are called tepuis,or “house of the gods,”in the language of the local Pemon. Rising thousands of meters into the sky over the jungles of Guyana,Brazil,and Venezuela,these are dramatic sandstone structures(called mesas by geologists)with flat tops and steep sides. Tepuis are so remote that they have prevented researchers from exploring them fully-they truly are among the last unexplored places on Earth.

The flat summits,ranging from a few square kilometers to dozens and even hundreds of square kilometers,used to be connected. Some scientists even believe that these tepuis have life forms from the ancient super continent America, Africa, Antarctica, Australia,and other land masses.”A few people have been there,but really not a lot,considering what they are-among the oldest formations in the world,”Jesus Rivas,a biology professor,said.”They are like a place where time stopped. In the fauna you can see South America evolving for the last 300 million years.”

The high altitude and the ancient age of the tepuis make them extremely interesting to biologists. They are frequently described as”islands in the sky,”covered in tropical greenery that Supports a wide range of wildlife. Indeed,many of the species that live on top of the tepuis are found nowhere else on the plant. But because they are so hard to reach,scientiats have only begun to scratch the surface of the enormous diversity on and around the tepuis.


One question still mystifies scientists:hoe did animals and plants end up in such an inaccessible place? Some scientists believe in the “Lost World”theory-that these creatures have been living there since the tepuis were born.

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But,in a paper published in the journal Evolution,studies on tree frogs exclusive to these tepuis showed that they had climbed up slowly over a few million years. Unfortunately,until further studies are conducted,scientists can only speculate.

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People who want to visit these tepuis can arrange special tours,but it will require enormous effort to get there. To make a comparison, Angle Falls in Venezuela-the tallest waterfall in the world-is probably the most popular tourist destination in the tepui region.

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However, the base of the falls can only be reached after flying into the jungle and hiking for hours.

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When the creators of Up(a movie which featured the tepuis)visited to get a fell of the place, they chose Roraima-the “easiest” of the tepuis to climb. Bob Peterson one of the climbers, said:”it was like your worst hightmare.

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It was like a six-or seven-hour climb to the top,and I had on way too much gear. When we got to the top, we had to hike across uneven terrain for another hour and a half. It was already dark when we dot to our camp.

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And suddenly, from out of the darkness we saw this cave lit by candles and there was warm soup waiting for us. When we saw our tents, most of us just sat down and started crying. We were so happy to be there.”

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    平坦的山頂大小從幾平方公里到數十平方公里、數百平方公里都有,這些山過去可能都是相連的。有些科學家認為「平頂山」有生物跡象,而這些生物來自古代超大陸的美洲、非洲、南極洲、澳洲與其他陸塊。有少數物種存在那裡,但沒有很多,他們是世界上最古老的生物,一位生物學家Jesus Rivas表示那裡就彷彿時間靜止一般,在這群動物裡,你可以看見南美洲過去三億年動物進化的狀況。






    《天外奇蹟》的製作團隊一去就愛上這裡,他們就選擇攀爬難易度最簡單的Roraima,其中一位參予登山的Bob Peterson表示,這座山高的嚇人。



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