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筍子 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 6 年前

英文翻譯問題 關於乳癌




node caps




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  • Beth
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    6 年前

    這篇的定義可能是你想看的, 你要的四個定義這篇都有:

    inv-nodes: the number (range 0-39) of axillary lymph nodes that contain metastatic breast cancer visible on histological examination.


    menupause: whether the patient is pre- post- menopausal at time of diagnosis (診斷時是否已經停經)

    node caps: If the cancer does metastasis to a lymph node, even if outside the original tumor site, it can remain ‘contained’ by the lymph node’s capsule. However, the tumor may replace the lymph node and penetrating the capsule, invading the surrounding tissues. If capsular invasion, it makes sense that recurrence is more likely

    breast quad, breast quadrant: The breast may be divided in four quadrant, using the nipple as a central point. Breast cancer more often occurs in the upper outer quadrant, and as a consequence this increase the chance of recurrence.

    我找到其他的資料如下, 對一些名詞解釋有幫助:

    Node involvement: - means breast cancer has metastasized in the lymph nodes (usually they are axillary lymph nodes or mammary lymph nodes)


    Node-cap: - means lymph node capsule. When cancer cells infiltrate through the lymph node capsule, it is called extra capsular involvement. This is one of the prognostic factor of breast cancer.

    這個說的是淋巴結囊. 當癌細胞穿透淋巴結囊時, 就稱為extra capsular involvement. 這是乳癌的早期徵兆之一.

    Breast quad: - breast is divided into four quadrants such as upper outer (upper lateral), lower outer (lower lateral), upper inner (upper medial) and lower inner (lower medial)quadrants. Most common location of breast cancer is upper outer quadrant. But it can be present any other quadrant.


    Node involvement: Since the axillary lymph nodes act as a primary site of drainage for the breast, they represent common site of early metastasis.

    The more lymph nodes involved are, the more likely recurrence is. This is probably the most influential factor for recurrence.

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    中文字是我自己翻譯的, 可能不專業, 參考看看就好

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