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今年,我從紐約搬到了加州。我對於新環境感到好奇且興奮,對於新環境想要了解的最佳方式我的經驗告訴我就是從身邊的人接觸,也就是我的新鄰居,正當我打算出門前往拜訪我的鄰居並且帶上我的禮物時我看見Mr. Huang正在花園澆水,她注意到我,給了我一個親切的微笑,我也向她點頭致意,隨後我們聊了一會,從路邊經過的Bob向Mr. Huang打招呼。Mr. Huang向他介紹了我。Bob邀請我今晚到他們家烤肉。我爽快的答應了。我想,我會有個愉快的新生活。


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    今年,我從紐約搬到了加州。我對於新環境感到好奇且興奮,對於新環境想要了解的最佳方式我的經驗告訴我就是從身邊的人接觸,也就是我的新鄰居,正當我打算出門前往拜訪我的鄰居並且帶上我的禮物時我看見Mr. Huang正在花園澆水,她注意到我,給了我一個親切的微笑,我也向她點頭致意,隨後我們聊了一會,從路邊經過的Bob向Mr. Huang打招呼。Mr. Huang向他介紹了我。Bob邀請我今晚到他們家烤肉。我爽快的答應了。我想,我會有個愉快的新生活。

    This year I moved to California from New York. I was curious and excited about the new environment. My erstwhile experience told me that the best way to get used to the new environment is to reach nearby people, my new neighbors. I saw Mr. Huang watering the garden when I was about to visit my neighbor with my presents in hand. He noticed me, smiling a kindly smile to me. And I nodded back as my polite response and we talked for a while. Then Bob was passing by to say hi to Mr. Huang, who later introduced him to me. Bob invited me to his house for barbecue, and I said "sure!" without second thought. I think I will have a happy new life here.

    大部分都照中文字面語序翻 應該很好懂 參考看看

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    Beth, you're as that humble as Panda, which I love very much. On the plus side, discussions and comments benefit everyone, and they are what I am expecting here. You're right, some love being corrected, and some don't, and I can assure you that I belong to the former. :)

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    I think almost everyone here is dying for "LOL" atmosphere, not that of "LOLi" when learning Eng. Thanks for your correction!

    AP, you sure?! Nah...I don't believe you... cause I still had some glitches here...yours must be definitely better than mine.

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    Your version is correct. It is me who mistook the text.

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    小地方做更正 source lg仔細讀清楚

    感謝AP, Beth的糾正:

    1) ...the best way to get used to 'a' new environment...

    2) Then Bob passed by and said hi to Mr. Huang ...

    3) Mr. Huang later introduced me to Bob...

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    This year, I moved from New York to California. I am curious and excited about the new environment, a new environment for the best way to want to know my experience tells me that is accessible from the side of the people, that is my new neighbor, just as I intend to go to visit my neighbors and bring when I saw my gift Mr. Huang is watering the garden, she noticed me and gave me a friendly smile, I nodded to her, and then we talked for a while, Bob elapsed from the roadside to Mr. Huang hello. Mr. Huang introduced me to him. Bob invited me to their house this evening barbecue. I readily agreed. I think I will have a happy new life.

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    Opps, I think we have about the same answers - I will have mine removed in a few seconds.

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    Yes, our only major difference was the introduction to Bob.

    I came up with "Mr. Huang later introduced me to Bob" and you did it the other way around. I think I may have misread the original text in TW.

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    Francine, I doubt I can do a better translation than you. I have a few comments for your reference here and I hope you don't mind. (It's always much easier to comment, isn't it? LOL)

    1. the best way to get used to 'a' new environment

    2. Then Bob passed by and said hi to Mr. Huang