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1.如果不是你,不知今生會怎樣,但確定不會更好。 2.愛是恆久忍耐。親愛的,我忍耐你很久了。3.媽,我在妳的皺紋裡找到回家的路。4.媽,別再叫我交男友了,我不是沒交過,只是沒...交代過。5.哥,急著上一壘,有可能會被三振。6.孩子,多看點書,你有臉書,我沒臉輸。 某些對應的句子,可以不需逐字翻譯,但務必符合原意、優美且牽動人心。感謝回答 ! 也歡迎意見分享~

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    Happy New Year! Here you go:

    1. 如果不是你,不知今生會怎樣,但確定不會更好。 Who knows what life would be without you? But I know it would not be as good.

    2. 愛是恆久忍耐。親愛的,我忍耐你很久了。Love is long suffering*. Dear, I have been suffering for you for along, long time.

    3. 媽,我在妳的皺紋裡找到回家的路。Mom, I found my way home in your wrinkles.

    4. 媽,別再叫我交男友了,我不是沒交過,只是沒...交代過。Mom, stop pushing me to get a boy friend. Not that I never had one, just never…reported any.

    5. 哥,急著上一壘,有可能會被三振。Bro, rushing to get on first could get you struck out.

    6. 孩子,多看點書,你有臉書,我沒臉輸。Son, study more. So, you’ve got Facebook; but I don’t want my face cooked. *此句出於哥林多前書4章7節,傳統上(英文,欽定本)將“恆久忍耐”翻成“long suffering”

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    參考資料: 「官僚文化」年度主題
  • Claire
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    感情上的一壘: 牽手( hold hands ), 三振是指:分手( break up ,split up) , 被甩(dumped ,口語ditched ), 至於劈腿 ( two-timing ) 雖未達三振的標準, 不過也快了.

    哥,急著上一壘,有可能會被三振。這句話亦可引伸為 :

    哥,急著牽手( hold hands ),有可能會是別人的牽手 (wife)

    我不是沒交過 ( date ) ,只是沒...交代過 ( tell )。

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  • 7 年前

    All of you guys are so much better than I am. Way out of my league. Bravo!!!!!

  • Beth
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    Not that I never had one, just that I never had one reported.

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    Master AP! I somehow fell off my chair when I read your #003 comment! 有意思 !!!

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    master AP! Let me give you a hint: If the 1st base is for "kiss", then you imagine what other bases can mean.

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    I have NOT seen or heard this kind of expression for a long long time. It reminds me when I was a high school student.

    2014-01-04 08:12:24 補充:

    By the way, it has been a long while now, I don't have very clear idea what each base stands for. My hint is just to give you an idea what this expression can imply. This is why I fell off my chair when I saw your 003 comment.

    2014-01-04 12:09:43 補充:

    Master Jim! This kind of baseball game is NOT for regular season, but "in season". Hence, there is no need to watch these games.

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    prisoner 26535:




    妳是不是又出去和公爵鬼混了。 」


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    感情上一壘 二壘 三壘使啥意思?

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    > 我不是沒交過,只是沒...交代過。


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    Hey, melon needs a better chair - but just don't make it out of my budget...

    Also - what is wrong with playing baseball? It is the American pastime, dude!

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    The translation elegantly described this piece of writing as elegantly as you mean it:-

    (1)Had not been for you, I don't know what will happen in this life, but it certainly will not be any better.

    (2)Love's patient. Honey, I've borne on you a long time.

    (3)Mom, I found my way home in your wrinkles.

    (4)Mom, do not ask me to well-match my boyfriend, as I did well-matched, but did not accountable for ........only !

    (5)Brother, hurry on a base, then there may be a complete strike-out !

    (6)Children, learn more books. You have a face book, I am ashamed to lose.

    2014-01-03 22:36:27 補充:

    (4)accountable for=not responsible for my decisions or actions by God by my shy and expected to explain to Mom when Mom do not ask about my Boy friend's love affairs !