→Rising population cancause problems such as, water pollution, air pollution.6.Would youlike to travel by ship ?Why/ Why not?→7. Wouldyou like to visit Easter Island?Why/Why not?→8. Arethere many statues in your country?(台灣)Whatkind of statues are they?→9. Doyou believe in UFOs? Why/ Why not?→10. Whatbig craters do you know about?Whatwere they caused by?→11. Doyou think it is a good idea for bills to be different colors and sizes? Why/ Whynot?→



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  • 7 年前

    1. →There are many different kinds of foods we can choose. However, we must cherish all of our natural sources, so that we can keep on to enjoy those yummy foods from the Heaven.

    2.→Some foreign foods that are popular in my country are pizzas,

    hamburgers, and some other fast food.

    3. →The most unusual food that I have ever eaten was the pig-blood-cake, but I prefer to eat it with salty taste, just like the pig- blood mixed

    with some vegetables.

    4. →I usually eat fish once a month, because I don’t like picking out fish

    bones. Yet the fish ball is one of my favorite snack food.

    5. →The continue rising of population can cause lots of problems. Such as, the water pollution, air pollution. And the over burden of the government, for example the unemployment benefits, the housing arrangement, the worse criminal etc.

    6.Would you like to travel by ship ?Why/ Why not?

    →I don't like to go traveling by ship. For I have sea-sick and I might

    vomit. In such a case, I can hardly enjoy the sea viewing along the way.

    7. Would you like to visit Easter Island?Why/Why not?

    →I would like to go there for the reasons as below.

    Easter Island is an isolated place out of this world. People there are

    still living in the Stone Age. They have only the language but no writting characters.

    I want to teach something for living in a better environment, for

    example planting. Beside I'll show them the modernize nowaday.

    我想到那兒去的原因如下: Easter Island 是個與世隔絕的地方,那裡還處於人類的石器時代,他們只有語言,没有文字(不會寫)。我希望可以教懂他們一些較佳的生活環境, 例如種植。同時我還會給他們展示(介紹)現今的現代化...

    8. Are there many statues in your country?(台灣)What kind of statues are they?

    →未想到, 抱歉我不是台灣人嘛!

    9. Do you believe in UFOs? Why/ Why not?

    →I did trust that there were UFO in another planet. Yet we can hardly see each others, for we might be in different locus of the endless


    10. What big craters do you know about?What were they caused by?


    2014-01-08 06:03:40 補充:

    11. Do you think it is a good idea for bills to be different colors and sizes? Why/ Why not?

    →I think it is a good idea to separate the bills in different colors. So that we can find out the right forms easier.

    從我的 iPad 傳送

    2014-01-08 06:30:19 補充:


    →I used to eat fish once a month, because .........

    5. unemployment subsidy

    小光: 您知道嗎? 其實在協助您的同時,也是您在推動我去用心複習, 加油喔!

    呵欠ZzzZz ...


    ...( @,@ )



    2014-01-08 22:34:32 補充:

    10. What big craters do you know about?

    What were they caused by?

    →The noun of Volcano is from an Italian called Nellie Barry, and a volcano is formed with the surface beneath the deeper and higher temperature. In the depths of about 32 km away from the ground with the high temperature enough

    2014-01-08 22:45:12 補充:

    In the depths of about 32 km away from the ground with the high temperature enough to melt mostly of the rocks.

    10. 你所認知的大火山口群是甚麼? 它們是怎麼樣形成的呢?

    →火山這個名稱是源自一位名叫 Nellie Barry 的意大利人。然而火山口是由於地面以下較深和比較高溫的,大約離地面有32 km的深度,它的高溫足以融掉大部份的岩石。

    2014-01-08 23:20:12 補充:

    8. Are there many statues in your country?(台灣)

    What kind of statues are they?

    →Since the year of 2009, there is a super high stone building standing in Taiwan, it is called Taibei 101. It is a great stone statue building here in Taiwan which is also a proud of us.

    2014-01-08 23:31:57 補充:

    自從2009年開始,有一座超級高樓聳立在台灣,它就叫台北101大樓--- 它是一項讓咱們台灣人引以為傲的偉大石像建築物...

    小光: 您好! 我知道這題的模擬答案有點兒牽強了。可是我想得頭也大了...


    2014-01-08 23:40:33 補充:

    1. Do you like spicy food? why / why not?

    →I like to the food with a bit of spicy, so that I can keep warmer in winter. Beside, the spicy taste can cover the fishy smell of some sea foods.


    2014-01-08 23:48:15 補充:


    I like to eat.....

    我喜歡吃有點兒辣味的食物, 這樣可以讓在冬季裡保持溫暖些。此外,辛辣味兒可以掩蓋一些海鮮的腥味。

    2014-01-09 00:45:30 補充:


    參考資料: Yoyo
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  • 7 年前

    11 questions for answers for simple Exam Exercises Reference only with too much Why and Why Not ? with no Chinese Translation given due to I din't know Chinese. Sorry .

    (1)spicy food=like the pleasantly strong taste&smell tastinghot on spicy food

    (2)Japanese Cuisines popular:-Ramen, Sashimi, Sushi, Teppanyaki, curry-rice

    (3)Stinky sicken-smell tofu with braised stuffed tofu, +Hakka food on fried pork's intestines with ginger.

    (4)shellfish+milkfish every month.

    (5)A real population explosion !

    Too much Taiwan's indigenous people;

    may be not enough to eat,

    econ.problem--no money

    social problem--no job, no house

    (6)Many travel agents do cruise ship,

    ship-to-shore radio TVB link,

    relax+enjoy easier,

    become rich people,

    shipboard romance=Love Boat !

    (7)No,we've statue in Taiwan.

    You can read Tropical Islands guide to Easter Island.

    They have stone-heads stone-henge free of charge.

    (8)Tainan Budda Statue---Queen's head Pearls hanging down etc.

    General Kwan Statue,

    South Goose head-nose Statue


    (9)UFO to be a spacecraft piloted by creatures from another world called "the sightings"Believed.

    (10)Known:-round bowl-shaped mouth of a volcano crater- eg-Italy .

    The round hole in a surface formed by an explosion,falling Meteor-----eg:-in USA

    a bomb crater----eg:-in Syria War

    craters on the moon----eg:-seen by us on TVB

    (11)It all depends.Different color&size depends. There are bill of fare, bill of health, bill of lading, bill of rights, bill of sale

    Technically to send a bill to means I can't pay now,please bill me later.It has been sold by one person to another.

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