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wipe off 跟單用wipe the table的差別?

我想知道wipe off the table 跟只用wipe the table有沒有差別 ?

off如果加上去有什麼差別 ?

我常在一些句子中看到很多單詞會加上 off, up , down..這些的意義在那?

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  • 7 年前

    "off" has the meaning of "gone" or "lifted up".

    Hence when you use "wipe off the table", it means "whatever on the table you remove it"

    When you use "wipe the table", it just means "the table is wiped, whether everything on the table is gone (lifted up) is UNKNOWN".

    Therefore, if there is nothing on the table, you can use both "wipe the table" and "wipe off the table". If something is on the table, it is better to use "wipe off the table".

    2014-01-08 22:47:57 補充:

    The preposition is very difficult to explain in word. You have to use or see them in the context often, so you can get a feeling to use it right. Like "on" and "up" in Chinese, they all have the meaning of "上面". How do you know when to use which?

  • 7 年前

    簡單的説,wipe是擦抹,wipe off是擦抹"掉":-)