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匿名使用者 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 6 年前

急... 用英文單字寫出一篇作文 ....





1.long for 渴望

2.ability 能力

3.put... into good use 善用

4.platform 平台、作業系統 瀏覽(網路)

6.There is no denying that.. 無可否認的是 pays to V ....是值得的

8.inspire 激起、喚起

9.byte 位元組

10.laser 雷射

11.laser printer 雷射印表機

12.PDA(personal digital assistant) 個人數位助理

13.timetable 日程表

14.LCD(liquid crystal display) 液晶顯示器

15.submit 提交;服從;屈服

16.update 更新

17.knowledgeable 知識淵博的

18.undo 解開;回復

19.excel 擅長

20.pastime 消遣;娛樂

21.via 經由

22.computerize 電腦化

23.priceless 無價的;貴重的

24.beautify 美化

25.drawback (事)缺點

26.prohibit 禁止

27.setback 阻礙;挫折

28.boredom 無聊

29.reproduce 重製;轉載;繁殖

30.upgrade 升級品

求助各位神人了 ...

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  • chen
    Lv 7
    6 年前

    1. long for 渴望 2.ability能力 3.put... into gooduse 善用

    4.platform 平台、作業系統 瀏覽(網路) 7.itpays to V ....是值得的


    6.There is no denying that.. 無可否認的是 9.byte位元組

    10.laser 雷射11.laser printer 雷射印表機

    12.PDA(personal digital assistant)個人數位助理

    13.timetable日程表 14.LCD(liquid crystal display)液晶顯示器15.submit 提交;服從;屈服

    16.update更新 17.knowledgeable知識淵博的

    18.undo 解開;回復

    19.excel 擅長 20.pastime消遣;娛樂 21.via經由22.computerize 電腦化

    23.priceless 無價的;貴重的24.beautify美化


    26.prohibit 禁止27.setback 阻礙;挫折

    28.boredom 無聊29.reproduce 重製;轉載;繁殖30.upgrade 升級品This was a report that I submitted it to our company

    . concerning a matter of the computerized system 這是我提交呈上對我們公司關於

    . 電腦系統事項的一份報告There is no denying that the platform of putting

    . the computerized system into good use is certainly long for

    . surfing Internet about people making themselves

    . to be very knowledgeable.無可否認的是,善用電腦化的 作業系統 [使用平臺]

    . 是渴望藉由瀏覽網路使人們本身有淵博的知識it pays to inspire people with interests ,

    . knowing search of information is certainly priceless ,

    . and is not prohibited in any places you need via

    . the computerized system,

    . such as .pastime or doing something else.

    And also, it’s not boredom when you are free time .激發人們是值得的,也是了解搜索資訊是珍惜的經由,電腦化系統, 需要的任何地方是開放的[無嚴禁的]

    .如消遣. 或做別的事情。而有空時也不會無聊. However, the drawback for me

    . using the computer spent lots of time. It could be an unexpected setback to me,

    . if mycomputerized system was not update. 不過 ,缺點是我要花很多時間使用電腦.要是我的電腦的系統沒有更新,

    對我而言, 也許有意想不到的挫折.

    參考資料: S. H. Chen系統工程酒師的居酒屋
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  • 6 年前

    The composition 15 words on all necessary vocab are found:-:-----

    -------In what follows, I as salesman of this famous ABC Co., undertake to introduce a quick overview of the major invention affecting the industrial-buz like growth here.. At the LCD screen level, the gadget-device helped to show a key excel screen ,showing sucessfully your submited network programme and games for your pastime without boredom... It can be updated and upgraded through your computer system via computerized surf and surfer.There is no denying that byte-excel inspires the laser which inspires the laser print+ PDA which inspires a priceless beauty undo plateform to be put into very good use.

    ----The buz are longing for its ability.In terms of public investment projected and promoted by the "TOP CLOUD" way the creation of laser and laser-print and subsequently the updated timetable with High-Tech orientation are worthy to be bought.Our prices are the best in town.

    ---- In order to be competitive, these machine- produced copier had to be cheap in price,ready to serve students and buz.The drawback and set back are don't put long piece of paper on the outlet which are knowledgeblly prohibited

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