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  • 6 年前


    I searched for two different versions of stage dramas from the internet,

    one modern and the other from the 80's.


    The modern version started with the city owner on stage,

    singing his praises of this city,


    about the glorious era, the wonderful region to be,

    but this somewhat wonderful place was divided by two incompatible groups, the hatred feud.


    These two factions was dressed differently in order to for us to distinguish, one in red, and the other black and navy.


    In the show, the grieving father sang about her daughter, an angel's blessing, but at the same time a demon's gift, bringing both happiness and sorrow.


    The 80s' version was perfomed in ballet,


    all actors were dressed neatly, girls with buns and boys in a slicked-hairstyle,


    unlike the wildness of the modern version, the 80s showed the personalities of their roles by the hairstyles and the bright-colored theme.

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  • 小建
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    6 年前

    Recruited from the Internet version I were looking for a more modern version of the stage play and 1980s in

    Closer to the modern version of the stage play, an opening, the owner of town, they sing better out of this town, this is a wonderful praises era wonderful place, but in this wonderful place is divided into two factions, is incompatible feud, I used to play the enemy with the color of clothing were fresh name with one of the red dress, and those who are black or dark blue clothes. Father play with a little indignant tone of expression daughter is an angel grace is the devil's gift, he will bring you happiness, will be mixed with a lot of sorrow, a man is awarded with a messy hair, appeared with him more of personality.

    Eighties version, I was watching ballet dance performances way, the play neatly dressed people are girls comb header, the boys then comb oil head, than those without the modern version of the wild, with hair, bright color showing the characters personality.

    參考資料: google
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  • 6 年前

    I find this in Internet, there are two version of it. One of it is mordern theater Version and the other one is from the eighties. On the beginning of it, the owner from the twon sing how beautiful this twon is, praise how beautiful this decade it is, who wonderful this place is, but in this beautiful place divided into two Groups, they are incompatible feud. They are wearing two different clothes, the bad one wear in red, the other one wear in black or dack blue. The father in the theater expression it sadly and angry, that his daughter is a gift of god, but also a gift of fiend, she can make you happy, furthermore she can make you sad .The male lead has a messy Long hair and it just Show that he is a casual people.

    The version from the eighties, which I saw it in ballet, in the play everybody are wearing tidy, girls hair are tieding and the boys are comd with hair gel, there are not as crazy as the mordern version. They ues the hairstyle, bright color to show the characters personality.



    參考資料: me
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