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電話英文((急* 今天晚上六點要







是 電話英文喔

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    Customer Alan:

    Hello, This is Alan calling from xx company Sri Lanka (公司名+國家名).

    May I speak to Wendy please ?

    Salesman Wendy: Yes, speaking !

    Alan: Hi Wendy, how are you ?

    Wendy: I'm fine. Thank you. How about you Alan ?

    A: Pretty Good ! Wendy, I would like to check some quotations of your products. Have you received my mail ?

    W: Let me check..... Yes ! I have received your e-mail.

    A: Can you reply me within 2 hours ? This is quite urgent.

    W: Sure. I will try me best.

    A: By the way, how is your basic lead time ?

    W: Well... it will be based on your order quantity.

    A: Let say 50 dozens of each design.

    W: If so, the lead time will be around 30 days from now.

    A: Can I ask for some sampling first ?

    W: No problem. How many quantity will you need for that ?

    A: Hm....I would like 3 pieces of each color.

    W: To be honest, the minimum sample order is 5 pieces of 1 color.

    A: Okay ! Now I know it.

    W: So, would you mind raising your sample order ?

    A: How about the sample price ?

    W: For the new designs, it will be 20 U.S. dollar each. For the running ones, it will be 10.

    A: I see. That's quite reasonable !

    W: Do you accept if we offer our current stock designs for your reference ?

    A: Well. It will be fine, But I still need to know the price first.

    W: We are on sale now. It's 50 percent off !

    A: That sounds worth trying !

    W: I can offer some sampling to you for your testing.

    A: That will be great !

    W: Thank you for your support.

    A: No problem. I will let you know if I need further help and don't forget to reply my mail.

    W: Yes. sure !

    A: Good Bye.

    W: Good Bye.

    以上! 希望不會太難。

    參考資料: 自己. 國外貿易業務
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    Sorry, I dont accept the salesman.

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