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匿名使用者 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 6 年前

Some of the words.



例如 : president of A country = A國家的總統



some of the words?


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  • 6 年前

    some (--thing, --body, -one)NB:-The Possessive (Genitive)Case is formed by adding - 's ;eg:-The boy's book.

    Some has the following uses:-

    (1)As an adj. or a pronoun it is used before,refer,uncountable nouns and plural nouns, to express an indefinite quantity or number.

    (Adj.)He wants some books.I have spilt some red ink on the table.There are some horses in the field.

    (Pronoun) I I hadn't any meat, so I went out to buysome. If you have no money, I will lend you some !

    (2)As an adj. or a pronoun it is used before,uncountable nouns and plural nouns to suggest contrast.

    (Adjective) Some people hate cats/tiger; others hate dogs. We enjoy some music in Music-Hall, but much of it bores us.

    (Pronoun) Some of us agree with that idea; some disagree. Not all your answers were correct; some were, some were not. "Some are born great, some achieve great, and some have great push upon them."

    Something and some=approximately,eg:-

    I'll whistle the tune for you; it goes something going for a song like this.

    It happened some ten years ago.

    It will take some three or four Million dollarsto buy the house.

    Mao is older than some of the other leaders in his country.

    That firm does more business than some of its competitors(=a number of, but not all),(some is used in affirmative, any in interrgative and negative.)

    (3)All and both precede a noun, a possessive adj or pronoun:-eg:-All(both) his friends are gone. All(both) these ideas are clear. All(both)the girls have gone.We all(both) hope you will be successful.

    "Little"has "not much" on scantiness,eg:-The little money he has will hardly keep him in food!eg:-The shipwrecked sailors had no food&little water.

    "a little"=positive=some;eg:-He has "a little" money and can live quite comfortably on it.

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  • Beth
    Lv 7
    6 年前

    some of the words

    some 在這裡是代名詞, 『一些』的意思

    the words 用了定冠詞the, 代表前文可能有提過一些字.

    所以some of the words 就是『這些字當中的某些字』

    all of the words, one of the words, two of the words 都是類似用法.

    沒有 little of words 這樣的東西.

    比較: some words

    這裡的 some 是形容詞, 『一些』的意思, 用來修飾 words.

    所以some words 就是『某些字』

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