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mole 可以縮寫成 mol 嗎? 為什麼?

mole 可以縮寫成 mol 嗎? 為什麼?


Avogadro's Number has been very carefully measured in a number of ways over many decades. The symbol for mole is "mol." Why does a four-letter word have a three-letter symbol? That's really the wrong question.

Mole Conversions

Why is 'mol" an Abbreviation for 'mole'

I did not write this. I don't know who did. I got it off the USENET newsgroup sci.chem a few years back.


The first people to use the the word that sounds like "mole" were Germans. They abbreviated "Molekuel" in such a way as to retain the long o sound in their language,

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and "Mol" did the trick very nicely. They couldn't possibly have used the spelling "Mole" because the Germans have nothing to do with

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Back in those turn-of-the-century days we English speaking people were still metaphorically swinging from in the chemical trees babbling "combining weight" when this laconic Teutonic triumph occurred.

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The first translator had a hard choice to make: to retain the form or the sound of the new term.

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He knew that most Brits and Amis would frown at anything that wasn't some sort of alcohol ending in "ol." He probably surmised that the British might use a long "o' like the Germans,

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but he also reasoned that the Americans would balk and blurt out a sound like "moll" with all its unscientific connotations and invitations to double entendre.

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Finally, he considered the fact that the Americans were the sort of people who mispronounce and misspell good German words like "Wolfram" so badly that they come out "tungsten."

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and, with, a stroke, he wrote "mole," thus preserving a semblance of the sound if not the form of the original utterance.

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    mole 縮寫為 mol

    前言: 這篇文章和我所知道的原因不同

    在化學中, 使用 m 為縮寫的數不勝數

    為了將 moles 不與其他 m 搞混而選擇使用 mol.


    而且 Avogadro 是義大利人和德國人無關....


    早期第一批使用發音最為接近 "mole"的是德國人

    他們將""Molekuel" 縮寫為 mol 因為發音很接近而且能使獨特的長音 O 維持不變

    德國人不可能使用"mole" 因為他們看這個完全無關

    第一個翻譯家遇到了瓶頸, 是該新單詞的拼法還是發音

    他認為英國人和阿米什人會對任何和 "Alchohol" (酒) 尾音相同的字產生反感

    也許他們會和德國人一樣選擇使用 長音 O

    可是他也發現美國人會不經意的發出和 "moll" 想同的發音


    所以最後他決定寫 mole 來解決問題

    德文的 Molekuel 是分子

    但是 mole 指的是莫爾數 6.02X10^23

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  • 6 年前

    mol 是英文 moles 的符號(symbol),而不是簡寫(abbreviation)。若果是簡寫,就要面對可以加上逗點(例如 Mister 的簡寫是 Mr. 或 Mr)和眾數(plural number)加 "s" 的問題。最重要的是:簡寫是某種語文的簡寫,符號是國際通用的符號。

    不同語言對同一物理量(physical quantity)有不同叫法,例如英文叫 moles,中文叫摩爾或莫耳。為了解決這問題,科學界對同一物理量設立了相同的符號,符號是超越各國語言界限的科學語言。因此,只要各國採用同一符號便可以了,切勿用某國的語言(如德文)去評價某一符號的好壞。

    2014-01-14 02:06:05 補充:

    我所說的是科學上用的符號,但用在普通人(layman)手上可能是另一回事。例如千克(公斤)的科學符號是 kg,但普通人卻寫成 KG 或甚至簡寫化的 KGS 或 kgs。

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