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  • 呆子
    Lv 7
    6 年前

    This research is based on purposive sampling. We choose the samples from our close friends, who recommend the persons, and from the internet.By deeply consulting with the aborigine of Roma, we learn their experience and feeling. Yet we transform it into written words and encode the records through internet in order to analyze its meaning.5 items are involved in this research as below:1. Find the process of Roma’s self-identity.2. The aborigine of Roma feels how they are treated by the government.3. The conflict of belief and living related to the aborigine of Roma.4. The aborigine of Roma makes the proper decision to deal with the conflict between those countries.5. The impact between Roma’s self-identity and decision-making.We hope to bridge the aborigine of Roma and government, push the population realize the Roma’s problem and improve the weak political position of them in the world.

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  • 6 年前

    This approach will be based on the idea of sampling methods for the recommended from friends and institutions, as well as the network approaches for interviewees, using in-depth interviews with dialogue will be the Roma (Roma) people's life experiences and journey into verbatim releases, coupled with data and computer code manage presentation facilitate data analysis. This study examines the following five points: i. perception of Romani self-identification process. Second, Roma (Roma) their perception of the Government for Roma. Third, the conflict of faith and life of the Roma. Four, Roma in Governments in conflict management strategy. Five, the Roma identity and policy implications for the recognition of. Looking forward to the Roma and put up a bridge of communication between the Government, public awareness to the problem of the Roma, and to further improve the vulnerable situation of Roma in the international arena.

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