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  • chen
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    7 年前

    英文--請幫翻想轉 業務助理的工作. Instead of my job, I hope that will be able to get . a business assistant. 採購跟業務 是相互的角色, 我有採購的經驗. 未來在E-mail或電話中與國外接洽時,可以適當的態度答覆客戶, 包括處理訂單及出貨相關,Such a work is concerned above . the purchases which I have experienced, . it’s like the E-mail any time or phone callings about affairs. when I can deal with foreign countries in the future, 希望貴公司可以給我一個機會

    Sincerely, making the best chance for me.

    2014-01-27 13:12:32 補充:

    可以適當的態度答覆客戶, 包括處理訂單及出貨相關,

    offering the best service, it includs the treated orders and shipping as well.

    參考資料: S. H. Chen系統工程酒師的居酒屋
  • 7 年前

    Want to turn business Assistant's job, purchase business is role, I have experience in procurement, in the E-mail or phone when dealing with foreign countries in the future, to make appropriate response, including order processing and shipping related, hope you can give me a chance.