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匿名使用者 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 6 年前

請問這段話的意思..systematic ambiguity

We use the term "grammar" with a systematic ambiguity.

On the on hand, the term refers to the explicit theory constructed by the linguist and proposed as a description of the speaker's competence. on the other hand, it refers to this competence itself.

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  • 6 年前


    一方面,這個詞 (文法)指的是由語言學家構造出來的明確理論以作為說話者的能力的描述。反過來說,它指的是文法本身能力 (使說話者去用這一個語言).

    This translation might not explain the meaning this statement. Let me explain it in plain English:

    Grammar is a collection of customary use of a language done by the linguist. One hand, grammar can be used to describe a person's ability to use the language. On the other hand, grammar has the ability to make people learn the language well.

    2014-01-26 10:55:40 補充:

    Because the ability can be in people or grammar itself, that is why it is ambiguity (uncertainty, vagueness).

    The reason is:

    2014-01-26 10:58:01 補充:

    Grammar is organized by the linguist AFTER having the language. Hence, people use the language (the ability to use the language by learning it from their parents) first. Then the linguist constructs the grammar. Then grammar is used by non-native people to learn that language.

    2014-01-26 10:58:29 補充:

    Hence, people think it is the grammar that enable people to learn that language.

    2014-01-26 12:28:14 補充:

    I think, this is WHY Taiwan students think they can just MEMORIZE the grammar (and vocabulary), they will learn their English.

    However, native English speakers learn English from their parents (especially mother).

    One language, but there are TWO different approaches in learning it.

    2014-01-26 12:30:32 補充:

    However, people shall remember, native speaker learn the language, they can use it fairly well, if a non-native speak learns it through grammar, he or she might NOT use it well. Now, you have to ask yourself, does grammar really have the power to enable people to learn the language?

    2014-01-26 12:31:17 補充:

    native speaker ==> native speakers

    2014-01-26 12:35:02 補充:

    "grammar can be used to describe a person's ability to use the language"

    It means: how well a person speaks a language correctly (according to the grammar) determines how well this person's ability in using this language.

    2014-01-26 12:36:20 補充:

    So grammar is used to gauge this person's ability in using the language.

    2014-01-26 12:47:47 補充:

    none-native speak==> non-native speaker

    2014-01-26 13:48:52 補充:




    2014-01-26 13:53:25 補充:


    2014-01-26 14:53:25 補充:

    the grammar that enable … ==> the grammar that enables …

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  • 6 年前

    The linguist may use their high level of competence in English (grammar).They have professional competence within the Book.

    ---Outside their area of competency referring to your theory or idea may not be the same.

    ---Hence you read the syllabus listing the knowledge and competences required at your level..It all depends on what you need in the particular job or task.

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