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發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 6 年前

across the globe??

LEGO movie is build with all of the charm that has made LEGO's so

popular across the globe

across the globe是all of the world的意思嗎??



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  • 6 年前

    LEGO movie is built with all of the charm that has made LEGO's so

    popular across the globe.


    across the globe是all of the world的意思嗎??

    當然不是。Globe=Earth=the planet=地球 是不包含我們在月亮,火星,太空站與小行星上的同胞的啦。我記得,在太空站上的小朋友也很愛立高的!

    2014-02-07 05:11:59 補充:

    Nope, to many, their "world" is much smaller than "the Globe".

    To a peewee cat, its world is probably smaller than a city block.

    Nonetheless, my point is that - they are not the same.

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  • Louis
    Lv 7
    6 年前

    你句子裡所用的across the globe這個詞有問題。因為不符邏輯,可能也沒有這種說法,因為the globe的這個球是指地球,The globe is not something for you to cross. 所以應該不能用到across(橫越)這個介系詞來與[地球]形成片語。在邏輯上,You can only circle the globe.(繞圈子)。

    只有across the board(全面性的)是現成用來當修飾語的片語:The same criteria will be applied across the board.

    2014-02-07 09:51:56 補充:

    用across the globe在牛津網路字典查的結果如上。

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  • 6 年前

    公主知識長的意思就是說 World 比 Earth 大。

    2014-02-07 12:48:15 補充:

    OK, so the globe = the Earth

    but "world" is not "globally" defined.

    2014-02-07 12:51:41 補充:

    Actually, it is a very good question to compare Earth and world.

    I think that everyone once had such a confusion in his/her mind.

    2014-02-07 12:53:03 補充:

    In some sense, "world" means everything, so someone's world is small, someone's world is large, depending on his/her horizon and mind.

    2014-02-07 12:54:33 補充:

    However, you can also check from the dictionary that world can mean the Earth.

    This might possibly be a little bit of a case that it may be inconsistent with Miss Pi's say...

    Therefore, the poster's question is really meaningful.

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  • across the globe= around the world 也就是全世界


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  • 6 年前

    Yes It is that you think

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