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英翻中– declare Sb’s presence

Dear mentors:

請問在以下句子中,declare Sb’s presence如何翻譯成中文較恰當、優美?

Those knights and Barons need to submit themselves when a princess declares her presence.


Solemnly Yours,

Citron, the sweet orange

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  • 7 年前

    I think, "declare her presence" can just be translated as "大駕光臨"

    2014-02-08 23:33:39 補充:

    In English "declare one's presence," besides showing a little elegance, is very plain. After all, it doesn't imply anything behind the scene meaning.

    With the above said, when translating into Chinese, you can then use Chinese way of elegance, for example:

    大駕光臨, 蒞臨 …

    2014-02-08 23:35:58 補充:

    Even though the translation doesn't match English meaning precisely, but one thing for sure is either way, they all mean "being there".

  • 7 年前

    DaSaGwa :

    Thank you!

    Why don’t you move your answer to the answer section?