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涂凱傑 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 6 年前

none nothing的區別 高考題

Can I have some more ice cream,Mum?

1)---Sorry.There is____left in the fridge.

2)---Sorry.As a matter of fact,there is _____ left in the fridge.

3) ---Sorry. There is _____ left except some iced coffee in the fridge.

4) ---Sorry. There is _____ left in the fridge,let alone ice cream.

1)none;2) none/nothing; 3)nothing; 4)nothing

none 只表示已经涉及的人或物的量,即它的功能只在“量”上,而nothing 的本质在“事物(类别)前者不独立,后者可独立使用

老實說 我完全不知道他究竟想表達什麼?

解析說什麼有涉及上下文的範圍(量)時 用none

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  • Louis
    Lv 7
    6 年前

    none = not one of a group of people, or things or no amount of something


    I thought there was some coffee in the cupboard, but there's none there.

    None of his friends lives nearby.

    None of the plates were broken.

    nothing = not anything


    There was nothing in the room except for a mattress.

    She waited and watched, but nothing happened.

    I saw nothing strange in the situation.

    The kids complain that there's nothing to do there.

    Can I have some more ice cream, Mum?

    1)---Sorry. There is none left in the fridge.

    只是ice cream沒了,但冰箱裡也許還有別的東西可吃。

    Sorry. There is nothing left in the fridge.

    冰箱裡不但沒有ice cream,所有什麼東西都沒有剩(空空如也)。

    代名詞none(沒有一個/一點那個東西)是針對前句裡的名詞ice cream。

    nothing(沒有東西)不針對前句裡的ice cream,而是泛指一切。

    2)---Sorry. As a matter of fact, there is _____ left in the fridge.


    3) ---Sorry. There is _____ left except some iced coffee in the fridge.


    4) ---Sorry. There is _____ left in the fridge, let alone ice cream.


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    代名詞none是代替前句裡的名詞ice cream,所以你的解說才告訴你:涉及上下文的範圍(量)時,用none。


    nothing一定是指東西,而且任何東西(any thing)均包含在內。

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  • 6 年前

    for (2), "none" is a better answer than "nothing".

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