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I need to find.....

1967年香港暴動intro the background,but I need the english meaning.plz help~

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  • 6 年前

    If you need to find 1967 introduction to background of HK Riot:-

    Briefly the facts:-

    (1)Learnt from History;

    (2)In April 1966, a protest against a rise in Star ferry fare became focused on hunger strike of a deranged youngman and led to Riots in Kowloon.

    Many demonstrations by young people,looting and arson spread.

    (3)Lin Pin (radio brocaster)condemned the rioters.

    (4)A Cheung Sha Wan factory issued harsh rules,but HKGovt protected the factory tycoons.

    (5)In 13 May for 8 months periods in 1967,Riots began by anger as young followers of Mao besieged Govt.HouseHK to start a revolution against British Rule; Be ruled by Communist China (a bit bad) but acceptable.But unlike TW who accepted usa&disrespected China&the 4June 1989 events accordingly by TW..

    (6)We have run riot in public place as protest parade from Victoria Park forward but under the control.

    (7)This is the" English meaning",don't ask for any other Chinese translation to be corrected.

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    6 年前

    For information:

    - Scroll down and you will see:

    Hong Kong's Watershed - 40 years on, we recall 1967's months of

    bloody social unrest Part 1 of 3, how the riots changed Hong Kong.


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