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Unforgettable experience

我要一段Unforgettable experience,for oral用,所以不用太長,一小段就ok,什麽題目都ok,不過不要去主題公園,thx!!!!

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  • 7 年前

    Everyone has some unforgettable experiences.I also have some.But one thing is the most unforgettable experience I have. I remembered that I had a bad cold last year.Because of the bad cold,Icouldn`t go to school and had to stay at home.When the school finished,my best friend called me that he would arrive at my home soon and taught me the class.It was too late,so I told him not to come here.But he said nothing and and stopped calling. Later on he arrived at my home and taught me about the lessons and homework.When he went home,theskywas dark.I asked him to have dinner in here.But he refusedand went away.I found that my tear was getting down. From that thing,our friendship gets better and better.Now,we are becoming 'brother'.