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還是可以在台灣就直接申請? 如何證明台灣的我=美國的我? 會有稅務上的疑慮嗎?


另外,請問有哪些表格需要填?(I-130 / G-325A / I-485 / I-864 / I-693 / I-765 / I-131)


我美國護照的middle name是我的中文拼音,而台灣護照是別名有放我的英文名子


US:Tom Xiao-min Lin

TW: Xiao-min Lin, also known as Tom Lin



另外,登記結婚於2013-June,是否需要CR-1 or IR-1?

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  • Gary
    Lv 7
    7 年前

    1. File I-130 and support forms and documents to USCIS.

    2. No need.

    3. You can apply directly in Taiwan. It is simply the fact that you have to mail everything back to the U.S.

    If both identities have the same exact name, nothing more is needed.

    Otherwise, you need to have document from Taiwan to prove who you really are.

    USCIS/AIT does not care about tax issue. Tax issues are your own business with IRS.

    4. CR-1 (or IR-1) depending on years of marriage.

    5. I-130/G-325A/I-864 only.

    I-485 is used for adjustment of status within the U.S. only. Since you will be done at AIT, DS-260 will replace I-485 in your case.

    I-693 will be provided by the doctor who perform the medical examination.

    I-765 is needed only when your spouse files I-485 and she wants to work whiling waiting for the result.

    I-131 is needed only when your spouse files I-485 and she wants to leave the U.S. while waiting or she needs prior approval to leave the U.S. for more than 1 year after she has been a permanent resident.

    2014-03-19 04:11:28 補充:

    1. Your passport does not matter. The Household Registration is what matters, as this is the ultimate proof for everything.

    2. Yes if successful.

    3. CR-1. Direct IR-1 only applies to marriage longer than 2 years (i.e. no risk of marriage fraud).

  • 匿名
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    7 年前

    美國公民海外有收入, 資產也要報美國稅。

    你的財務證明, 像銀行, 請開英文證明, 或翻成英文公證。

    戶籍藤本申請英文版, 所有名字要照護照上名字。包括你爸媽名字。