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In colonial America there was no physical education as we think of it. The colonies made attempts to start schools, bat their primary concern was to provide the rudiments of a practical education: learning to read, write, end handle basic mathematics. Physical education activities (such as those being developed in Europe) would have been considered a frill at that time. The colonies of the New World were expanding into wilderness areas, and the pioneers, who frequently faced the threat of attack by Indians, usually got more outdoor exercise than a European would receive in the most educationally advanced school of the day. During this period the non-work physical activities of the people were primarily recreational activities.

The developing colonies were diverse culture, a mixture of many nationalities and religious groups. The Puritans in New England were opposed to many activities that might be seen as pleasurable. They considered such activities to be either distractions from more serious concerns or questionable because they might eventually lead to sin. The Puritans were the most negative group of the colonial settlers regarding the pursuit of physical pleasures, but the Quakers, who settled in Pennsylvania, were also strict in their outlook. The Virginia colony, predominantly Anglican, was officially opposed to many recreational activities in Its early days. Other groups in the New world, such as the Dutch in today’s New York City and Hudson River valley areas, were more inclined to allow such activities. However, official policy and public practice rarely agreed with each other. People still participated as they pleased.



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    殖民地時期的美國是沒有體育教育過程,因為我們認為它。殖民地作出嘗試啟動學校、 蝙蝠他們小學的關注是提供實際的教育的基本原理: 學習來讀取、 寫入、 結束控制碼基本數學。體育教育活動 (如歐洲正在開發的) 會被視為是褶邊那時候。新世界的殖民地被擴展到荒野地區和先驅,經常面臨由印地安人攻擊的威脅,通常有更多戶外運動比歐洲在教育上最先進學校的一天會收到。在此期間,人民的非工作物理活動是主要娛樂活動。

    發展中國家的殖民地是多元文化,許多民族和宗教團體的混合物。在新英格蘭清教徒都反對可能看到一樣令人愉悅的許多活動。他們認為這種活動必須要麼分心從更嚴重的問題或有疑問,因為他們最終可能導致的罪。清教徒的殖民地定居者關於物理的樂趣,追求最消極組但貴格,定居在賓夕法尼亞州,也是在自己的 outlook 中嚴格。佛吉尼亞殖民地,主要是英國聖公會教徒,正式反對很多娛樂活動在其早期階段。在新的世界,在今天的紐約城和哈德遜河河谷地區,荷蘭文等其他群體是更傾向于允許此類活動。然而,官方的政策和公共實踐很少相互同意。人們仍然參加了為他們感到高興。


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