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"Good afternoon,professors.How are you?

My name is _____.I come from a family of four.

Since my childhood, I very enjoy in listening foreign music.So it make me interested in Western language.

The reasons why I wish to study Spanish from the economical angle is that it is a language which is spoken by most population in the world except for Chinese. That is very good for bussines benefits.

From a personal angle, Spanish is very passionate and charming,expecially the trill sound is so cute. And meanwhile, I like Spanish culture. I hope I can really learn this special language well,so I can communicate with more people.

I wish to learn more about Spanish culture through this beautiful language.Thank you.

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  • 7 年前

    Good afternoon,

    (How are you? 可省略,因為你前面已經greeting過了,而且問句還需要對方回答, 一來一往容易尷尬,除非面試官只有一人倒是可以這樣問候)

    My name is _____. (I come from a family of four.跟你後面的內容完全無關,故省略)

    It is my pleasure to be here and talk to you today. I've been always enjoying listening to foreign music since I was a child which also inspires my interest in learning Western languages.

    Spanish is the most appealing language of all to me. The way people pronounce words in Spanish, especially the trill sound, is so cute. I believe that understanding the culture is essential in order to learn a language well and be able to communicate with people effectively. This is also why Spanish is so fascinating to me. I really admire that Spanish culture is always so bright and passionate. (或許這裡還可以解釋一下你覺得西班牙哪裏passionate,如果你還有時間而且腦袋還沒打結的話XD)

    Spanish also has a great potential in international business. It is one of the most spoken languages in the world, only second to Chinese. Therefore, learning Spanish, especially vocabularies in economic domain, would make me more competitive on a career in business. I would really appreciate the opportunity to learn more about Spanish language and culture. Thank you for your time.