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例句:Since Mr.Chang was not in his office, I left a message with his secretary.

with不是與的意思嗎? 我留一個訊息給他的秘書. 給不是用to嗎??


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    中文可以說 「某人不在,留個 message 給他的秘書」,但其實細細想,這留言不是要 「給」 秘書,這 message 是要給 Mr. Wang,只是請秘書轉達而已,所以英文用 left a message with,就是指這個請「代轉」 的意思:

    Since Mr.Chang was not in his office, I left a message with his secretary.


    with 是 「在一起」,這裡意思是留了個 message 與她的秘書 「在一起」。也就是在她那裡,目的是請他轉達。

    to 有 「對象」 或 「到」 的意思,我們可以「寄送」、「電郵」 訊息 「到」 他的秘書那裏:

    send a message to his secretary

    email a message to his secretary

    秘書在這裡是我們送訊息的對象,可以用 to。 但 Mr. Wang 不在,她的秘書不是留言的對象,拜訪者只是留口信在她那裡,請她轉達而已,所以要用 with。

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    to 本身沒有與的意思喔

    with 才有

    I left a message with his secretary.

    to 通常是幫助動詞的

    with 是在一起的意思

    所以用to 會不順

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    其實是TO 沒錯


    U R Right!

    參考資料: by myself
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    be strange (common, new, familiar, peculiar, distinct, sensitive, immune, vulnerable, indispensable) to

    Air is indispensable to life.

    Aircrafts are vulnerable to interference caused by radiation.

    This injection will make you immune to infection.


    1:以-ior結尾的形容詞,後接介詞to表示比較,如:superior ,inferior,prior,senior,junior

    The quarrel happened prior to my arrival.


    A is similar to B in many ways.


    Subsequent to the war,they returned to their hometown.

    4:to也偶爾出現在個別動詞之後,與動詞形成固定片語,表示比較,如:prefer to,in contrast to compare to sth.表示比喻或比擬,而compare with sth.表示比較,如:

    World is usually compared to a stage

    Compared with his past,he has changed a lot.

    Prefer的正確句型是:prefer A to B或prefer doing A to doing B,但當prefer後接動詞不定式時,表示比較的介詞to就要改成rather than ,如:

    The undaunted soldier preferred death to surrender.

    Many people prefer spending money to earning money.

    They prefer to pursue careers rather than remain home as house wives.


    Going to an under water concert is a great alternative to going to dinner.


    1:表示回復,反應意思的詞,如:answer to question,

    solution to problem,response to inquiry,reaction to proposal,reply to letter

    2:表示建築構件的辭彙,如: entry,entrance,approach,access,passage,exit,vent,path

    the approach to a bridge引橋

    the approach to science

    Half of the population was estimated to have no access to the health service.

    The access to education 接受教育的機會

    4:表示人物職位和官銜的詞,如:assistant to manager, ambassador to Spain, successor to tradition, heir to throne,deputy to the National People’s Congress

    advisor to the Prime Minister


    The employee finally got the admission to the boardroom.

    Everyone has an equal right to ……..