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中翻英...多元 文化


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    Taiwan is a country that is rich in cultural diversity. I live in new Taipei City, Taiwan. in front of my house there is a small community park. every day, many workers could be seen pushing a Grandpa Grandma in a wheelchair. stayed with Grandpa or Grandma walking neighborhood park. someone in my student's mother is from Indonesia and Viet Nam and China. 15% accounted for all the students. In new Taipei is focused on these uprooted long-term live in Taiwan of people. April of when will has Songkran. and the Southeast Asia gourmet section. introduced these national let everyone awareness. I by awareness of new live people students. indeed some place and Taiwan General students not as. some culture ideas different. to I now class Shang of students for. Viet Nam new live people of students results performance poor. but is will care themselves and siblings. China to Taiwan of MOM of children. a very will reading but is overlook. a bit learning Shang has difficult. is not face. new live people to another not themselves culture as of place. total some abroad people of feels. this in Taiwan often see. but Is Taiwan really of is friendly care they has. in legal Shang also guarantees they not was bully. just in abroad also is will miss themselves of home. I saw these to Taiwan only work two years of foreign labour. really blessing they in Taiwan all peace smooth. and these new immigrants also effects with Taiwan of culture. in diet Shang. Street can see Viet Nam gourmet. Indonesia gourmet. Japan cuisine,. Taipei station., many station Street. Street Shang holiday full Indonesia people. Viet Nam people has many stores monopoly these workers of national clothes. seasoning material. wash made fine, life supplies. walking which. will wrong thought exposure Yu Indonesia or Viet Nam national. Taiwan slowly into these text ... Taiwan culture in addition to Aboriginal culture. Hakka culture. Minnan culture. more varied.

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