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    所以~ 以下內容僅供參考

    有錯誤請提出吧 痾...........

    Listening Comprehension

    Listen and circle the kind of the product DJ describes1.

    Do you want softer, cleaner-smelling hair every time you wash?

    Ask for Spring Rain at your local drug store or cosmetics store,

    or order online at www.springrain.com2.

    Can't get your hands clean-up after a day in the garden?

    Try wash your hands with Rose

    You'll get clean hands fast3.

    Doctors say it's important to protect your skin from the sun

    So, even on a cloudy day, don't go out without PROTECT

    It can keep your skin healthy and young4.

    Does soap make your skin dry and rough?

    Well, All-Over is the answer.

    All-Over Liquid Smoother.

    Use All-Over after a bath or shower

    Use All-Over whenever your skin feels dry5.

    For brighter, whiter teeth, use Scrubby Dental Clean twice a day,

    morning and night, and see results in less than a week.

    and have sweeter-smelling breath from day one6.

    Windy day? Hate to wear hat?

    Maximum Hold (應該吧 = =) will keep you hair in place even in the worst weather

    Just shampoo, dry, and style your hair as usual

    Then apply twice before going out.

    You hair will look as good at the end of the day as it does when you step out.

    Get the Maximum Hold for your hair .

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