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幫我翻譯~!!!! 有很多專有名詞翻不出來,拜託

The so called iterative approach (altering the research methods and the hypothesis as the study progresses, in the light of information gleaned along the way) used by qualitative researchers shows a commendable sensitivity to the richness and variability of the subject matter. Failure to recognise the legitimacy of this approach has, in the past, led critics to accuse qualitative researchers of continually moving their own goalposts. Though these criticisms are often misguided, there is, as Nicky Britten and colleagues have observed, a real danger “that the flexibility [of the iterative approach] will slide into sloppiness as the researcher ceases to be clear about what it is (s)he is investigating.”5 These authors warn that qualitative researchers must, therefore, allow periods away from their fieldwork for reflection, planning, and consultation with colleagues.

Evaluating papers that describe qualitative research

By its very nature, qualitative research is non-standard, unconfined, and dependent on the subjective experience of both the researcher and the researched. It explores what needs to be explored and cuts its cloth accordingly. It is debatable, therefore, whether an all-encompassing critical appraisal checklist along the lines of the Users' Guides to the Medical Literature 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 could ever be developed.

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    所謂的迭代方法(改變研究方法和研究進展的假設,在沿途收集的信息的光)使用定性研究顯示了一個值得稱道的敏感性,題材的豐富性和多變性。沒有認識到這種做法的合法性,在過去,導致批評者指責不斷地移動自己的球門柱的定性研究。雖然這些批評往往誤導,還有就是,因為尼基布里頓和他的同事觀察到,一個真正的危險“的[的迭代方法]的靈活性將滑入草率作為研究者不再清楚它是什麼他(她)正在調查。 “10這些作者警告說,定性研究,因此必須允許期間遠離自己的實地考察進行反思,規劃,並與同事協商。


    就其性質而言,定性研究是非標準,無側限,並依賴於主觀兩個研究者和研究經驗。它探討哪些需要加以探討,並相應地削減其布。這是值得商榷的,因此,無論是一個包羅萬象的批判性評價檢查表沿。用戶指南的線條醫學文獻6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19可以不斷得到發展。

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