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我的英文不太好可以幫我翻譯這一段嗎,千萬不要用線上整句翻譯喔~ 謝謝





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    Good evening (看你什麼時間會講,可以用 good morning 代替) professors,

    Im XXX from XXX high school

    In my three years of high school, my most favoured subjects were mathematics, biology and chemistry. I liked maths purely because I it was a subject that i was confident about. I liked biology because the course of learning was full of surprises. After each lesson I would be fascinated by what I would discover, and I felt as if I unlocked another understanding to my own body. I also enjoyed chemistry a lot, because the continuous little changes that happen around us attracted me to the subject. Every stage of change left me in awe.

    My hobby is to socialise and make friends, my outgoing nature was always a benefit for me in such area. At the same time, I consider having steady relationships with people as a very important element to life. This is because friends can always help each other when indeed, no matter how big or small the problem is. On the other hand it can also give me an advantage in certain areas of life.


    我希望我有幫到你 >.<

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