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很久以前,有一個巨人住在這個村莊,他很不時尚所以大家都不喜歡他,就在有一天他想要改變自己,因為他想要變得很有魅力,他到了一家衣服店買了最時尚服裝 - 一頂帽子、一件外套、一件襯衫、一件牛仔褲以及一雙布鞋,並把原本的衣服留在店裡,到外散步。他沿路唱著歌。











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  • 6 年前

    A long time ago , there was a giant living in the village , he is very stylish so we do not like him , on the day he wants to change himself because he wanted to become very attractive, he went to a clothing store to buy the most fashion - a hat , a jacket, a shirt , a pair of jeans and a pair of shoes , and put the clothes in the shop had to walk outside . He sang along .

    "I was in town the most fashionable giant, nobody won more than me ... " I walked in he saw two mice next to the river.

    " How do you ? " He asked . "We have no way to cross the river ." Mouse said. Giants heard, and took off his hat to them as a ship. " This hat might be able to help you, anyway, worn on the head , I would feel very strange ," "Thank you ." Rat happy to say .

    "I was in town the most fashionable giant river rat help " Walked he saw a girl trembling.

    " How? " He asked . " I'm so ... cold ," said the girl. Giants listened to her then took off his coat to keep warm .

    " Coat send you right ! Anyway, I was hot ," "thank you"

    "I was in town the most fashionable giant river rat help , help girls to keep warm ." Walked he saw a poor man 's feet hurt.

    " How? " The reason I'm too poor to afford to buy shoes. " After listening to the Giants take off their shoes to him .

    "Give you , anyway shoes are too small ," "thank you"

    "Although I helped a lot of people , but I no longer fashionable ," he cried while walking . Then he appeared beside those friends. "Do not be sad, because you wear this crown to become the most fashionable Giants ," they said.

    "Thank you ! " Cried the giant . And smiled .

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