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請大大幫忙翻譯一下這保養品說明書,我看不懂..不知道說些什麼..請幫幫忙 謝謝


Cleanse face thoroughly. Re-rinse and gently pat dry the areas to be treated with Epilift Instant Face Lift. Skin must be completely clean and free from serums, moisturizers and any make-up residue. This is a very Important first step in achieving optimum age-defying results.

Before each use, Please shake container to properly disperse product. Dispense a small amount of Epilift Instant Face Lift, slightly larger than the size of a dime, into palm of hand. Using finger, lightly tap Epilift Instant Face Lift over areas of concern on face and neck, and smooth on a very light layer with one firm Brisk stroke. Be sure to close container when finished.

After product has been applied, keep face expressionless for about three minutes while Epilift Instant Face Lift dries. You may experience a tightening sensation in the first few moments. Be assured that this is a sign the product is working-as it is setting into the pores, lines and wrinkles and is beginning to dry, simultaneously pulling the skin tighter together. When Epilift Instant Face Lift has dried completely check perimeter of targeted areas. If there is any Epilift Instant face lift residue noticeable , lightly pay over area with a damp finger tip and let air dry for several seconds.

Once Epilift Instant face lift has entirely set, continue make-up routine as usual. A moisturizer can be applied in a thin, light layer. One useful tip is to add a dime-size amount of epilift instant face lift directly to your moisturizer before applying to skin, in conjunction with your application of the serum. Take time to gently pat make-up onto the skin, If applying foundation. Please note, Do not RUB into the skin, as this may disrupt the temporary instant face lift firming effect.

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    將臉部區域利用Epilift Instant Face Lift重新沖洗並使之乾燥




    將少量約一個硬幣大小左右的 Epilift Instant Face Lift放置於掌心

    將Epilift Instant Face Lift 用指尖輕輕敲打臉部與頸部至逐漸出現薄薄的一層


    使用後保持不笑約三分鐘,直到 Epilift Instant Face Lift 乾燥



    當 Epilift Instant face lift 完全乾燥檢請查目標區域的周圍。

    如果有任何Epilift Instant face lift 明顯殘留,輕輕利用濕指尖將周邊面積塗抹均勻,讓空氣乾燥幾秒鐘。


    潤膚霜可以有技巧的添加Epilift Instant Face Lift 約一個硬幣大小的量與你的保濕乳液一同使用,花一些時間輕拍到您已經化妝後的臉上。


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