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發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 6 年前

mean??stand for??

stand for是意味著的意思,那和mean很像


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  • Peter
    Lv 6
    6 年前

    stand for something

    if a letter, an abbreviation, or a symbol stands for something, that is what it means or represents (

    可作 "象徵, 代表" 之意

    當 A stands for B 時, A 多半為符號類或有象徵性的東西, 是無法立即解讀的東西

    如字母縮寫 ("FBI" stands for Federal Bureau of Investigation.)

    或如特殊符號 ("£" is a currency symbol that stands for British pounds; where as "¥" stands for Japanese yen.)

    或如有象徵意義的動物 (The American bald eagle stands for freedom.)


    to have a particular meaning (

    可作 "意指, 意味" 之意

    當 A means B 時, A 可為字/詞/句; 動作/行為; 事件/現象

    1. "No" means no.

    2. A: "Sorry, I can't join you tomorrow."

    B: "What do you mean you can't join me tomorrow?"

    3. "力" is a Chinese character which means "power" or "force."

    4. Thank you very much. This means a lot to me.

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  • 6 年前

    DSG stands for DaSaGwa.

    When we were kids, we say A for apple, B for boy.

    This is "stand for".

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  • 6 年前

    "stand for" and "mean" are very close when their meaning is "意味著". However, there is still some minute difference between them. For example:

    NTU stands for Nation Taiwan University.

    "stand for" gives an exact meaning.

    2014-04-09 12:49:00 補充:

    "easy" means "not difficult".

    "mean" is to give a different way to explain thing. After all, "easy" and "not difficult" don't mean exactly the same.

    2014-04-09 12:49:07 補充:

    Because "easy" can mean "not difficult", "not very difficult" or "not difficult at all".

    2014-04-09 12:50:42 補充:

    On the other hand, "stand for" and "mean" can also mean quite differently from each other.

    2014-04-09 13:40:03 補充:

    I read my above opinion, I think you might ask:

    Can I say, "NTU means National Taiwan University?"

    Yes, you can. After all, when I said, "mean" is to give different way to explain thing, and this "different way" includes the exact meaning.

    2014-04-09 13:41:24 補充:

    However, using

    "Easy" stands for "not being difficult" has NO grammatical error, but contextually, it is NOT a good idea.

    2014-04-09 13:44:40 補充:

    By the way, in #002 and #003, it is better have "being" after "not" as "not being difficult", "not being very difficult", and "not being difficult at all".

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