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Cue, Bat, Club; How to ...

How to differentiate the following words :

'Cue' as in Billiard Cue,

'Bat' as in Baseball Bat,

and 'Club' as in Golf Club,

additionally, the word 'Rod' as in Fishing Rod.

The above four words Cue, Bat, Club, and Rod all mean 'a piece of material with a handle, made in various shapes and sizes, and used for hitting the ball in games.'

*The question above is in form of English, because I'm practicing my writing in English, the following is in form of Chinese.

Cue, Bat, Club, Rod 皆有棒,棍之意, 要如何區分這四種?


To DaSaGwa :

Can you tell me why we use "本, 支, 隻, 條, 輛"?

they belong to 量詞...but I don't know why we use them.

I'm not sure if we could know about their outline or not.

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  • Peter
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    我覺得, 這沒有一定的分類或定義方式



    狼牙棒 (spiked club), 高爾夫球棒 (golf club)

    球棒 (baseball bat), 桌球拍 (table tennis bat)

    鐵條 (iron rod), 釣魚竿 (fishing rod), 避雷針 (lightning rod)

    撞球杆 (billiard cue)

    冰棒棍 (popsicle stick), 曲棍球棒 (ice hockey stick), 鼓棒 (drum stick)

    以上就英文字而言, 同樣叫 club 或 bat 或 rod 或 cue 或 stick的, 形狀/分類不一定一樣或相似, 如同中文同樣叫 棒, 棍, 針, 竿, 杆的, 不一定有相似的分類或定義方式

    而DaSaGwa所謂的量詞, 好像是另一個議題.

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  • 6 年前

    In your question, you already have differentiated them by what they are used for.

    cue for billiard

    bat for baseball

    club for golf

    rod for fishing

    2014-04-11 09:46:45 補充:

    Hence, to differentiate them is by what they are used for. This is like in Chinese, we say:



    一隻狗 (一條狗)


    Can you tell me why we use "本, 支, 隻, 條, 輛"?

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